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25 November 2016

The Benefits of a Siphonic Drainage System

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The last few weeks have reminded many of us of the frequent events of heavy rainfall in New Zealand. This along with increasing demand for flat roof buildings poses many challenges for commercial roof drainage. Traditional gravity drainage isn't always the most cost-effective solution for this situation. Many large industrial and commercial buildings are using siphonic drainage to efficiently discharge the rainwater from their rooftop whilst maximising the use of space throughout their building.

A gravity drainage system means the water flows into the lowest point of the roof, to then spiral down the pipes. This water vortex means that air is taken down and through the system. If you remove the air from the pipe then 100% of the space inside the pipe can be used for draining water, and smaller pipes can be used to drain the same amount of water.

A siphonic drainage system can be an ideal solution for ensuring that only water is drawn off roofs. Marley's Akasison siphonic drainage features an innovative technique to stop air and only permit water to be drawn off the roof. This full bore system allows for maximum drainage of water with smaller and fewer pipes.

Gravity vs Siphonic graphic marley

On top of efficient water drainage, other key benefits to look out for in a siphonic drainage system include: 

  • Level pipework installed close to the roof so uses less vertical space
  • Fewer roof outlets to drain large roof areas
  • Internal downpipes eliminating concerns over exterior aesthetics
  • Less ground work for connecting stormwater systems

Overall, a siphonic drainage system allows for more usable space within your building and less visual impact on the exterior.

Marley offers free in house specific-project design, to assist in designing Marley Akasison Siphonic Drainage for your next commercial flat roof project.

View more information on Marley, including contact details.
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