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Michael Freeman
Michael Freeman
on Passive Fire Protection
Technical Sales & Specifications

Michael manages technical sales and specifications for Potter's range of passive fire products. He comes with many years' experience in the construction industry, from seismic systems through to interior finishes.

26 April 2022

How to Keep Projects Moving Despite Plasterboard Shortages

Plasterboard is typically required on site before plumbers, electricians, fire and HVAC contractors can begin to carry out their works, so what happens when you don’t have the plasterboard?

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28 March 2022

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

When treating service penetrations, the size of the aperture is an important part of firestopping and should be considered alongside the type of substrate and type of pipe or cable in order to select the best solution. 

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21 February 2022

Passive Fire Treatment for Service Penetrations

Treating service penetrations correctly can get complicated quickly. Whilst services trades are masters at their key profession, it is all too common that they haven’t undergone any formal training on the passive fire aspects of the job site.

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22 November 2021

Achieving Passive Fire Compliance in Multi-Residential Developments

A look at the key barriers to achieving compliant fire ratings on large buildings — particularly high-rise apartments — in today’s construction climate and an alternative method to overcome these.

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27 July 2020

Futureproofing Passive Fire at Scott Base Antarctica

Scott Base, New Zealand’s only Antarctic research station, constructed in the 1980s was found to have increasing points of failure in its passive fire protection.

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24 June 2019

Conflicting Seismic and Passive Fire Requirements for Service Penetrations

A collaborative approach is needed to resolve conflicts between fire protection and seismic movement requirements for service penetrations passing through fire-rated walls.

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21 May 2019

Detailed Design of Passive Fire Penetration Seals

Lessons from the design of service penetrations through fire rated walls and floors on a recent high-density residential project. 

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21 March 2019

Balancing Fire Protection with Other Building Requirements

We often come across situations where compliance with NZBC requirements for fire protection is in conflict with other requirements.

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17 October 2018

Growing the Passive Fire Knowledge Base

The more the industry talks about passive fire and engages with other construction industry professionals, the more likely we are to get it right the first time.

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18 September 2018

Meeting Our Duty of Care Responsibilities for Passive Fire

While fire engineering reports are designed in line with the NZBC with a view to saving lives, we often overlook the lives of the first responders who need to go into these buildings.

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