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Metro Performance Glass

Metro Performance Glass is at the forefront of providing high-performance glass products and glass expertise to the residential and commercial construction markets.

Blog Posts from Metro Performance Glass

27 4 2024

Understanding Low E Coatings

preview scott webb WXIvO6j66P8 unsplash copy

Insights into the complexities of Low E coating and their importance in making informed choices.

25 4 2024

Can Solar Control Glass Be Used to Mitigate the Potential for Over-Heating?

preview SunX hero shot beach copy

Recent modelling by Jason Quinn of Sustainable Engineering found that improper glass choice and orientation could lead to over 33% increased risk of this specific house design overheating, as evidenced by the graph. What are some options that will reduce the risk of overheating from solar gain?

21 3 2020

Structural Glass Inspection and Crack Patterns

glass maintenance

This month I look at considerations for inspecting structural glass and crack patterns.

24 4 2020

Specifying Sealant, Fixing and Hardware for Structural Glass

glass fixing 2

Compatible sealant, fixing and hardware are important for ensuring the safety and performance of structural glass. 

27 4 2020

Selecting the Right Glass for Structural Applications

MPG Laminated safety glass 2

Understanding the rules of glass selection for each application is key for achieving safe breakage and avoiding sudden collapse. 

News from Metro Performance Glass

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