Commercial Bathrooms

with Mark Cronin

Hale Manufacturing

Mark works with architects and construction companies to achieve bathroom design objectives. He works for Hale Manufacturing.

18 May 2017

Alternative Seating Solutions for Changing Rooms and Accessible Showers

The longevity and hygiene of changing room seating can be maximised by specifying low-maintenance seating materials with antimicrobial protection.

24 February 2017

Overcoming Partition Construction and Privacy Issues in Unisex Bathrooms

With the increased demand and necessity of unisex toilet cubicles in the commercial and education sectors, the need for a resolution for the issue of privacy has been raised by many designers.

25 March 2013

Privacy in Washrooms: Acceptable Solutions G1/AS1

In March MBIE published further explanation around the design of commercial toilets to further elucidate the design of toilet layouts for commercial building, adequate privacy and line of sight and accessible toilet layouts.

12 March 2013

Are Retentions Protection for the Client or a Main Contractor Rort?

Once again there has been an unsignalled collapse of a construction company, and once again I go to my AR ledger to calculate the damage.

30 November 2011

A Toilet Partition or Washroom Equipment Item is Only as Good as Its Fixings

The most common question I am asked by the specifier is that of durability. 'How long will your product last in the environment in question?' 

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