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John Gardiner
John Gardiner
on Building Confidence

John Gardiner (FIPENZ) is the Managing Director of Building Confidence Ltd where he uses his extensive industry experience to provide building regulatory advice on matters relating to the requirements of The Building Act.

30 October 2023

Tips for BPIR and Families of Products

A common question for manufacturers and importers of building products is when and how to batch BPIR information for product families or ranges. Here's a guide to help you manage these complexities.

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21 November 2022

Time to Get Ready for New Product Disclosure Requirements

With new product information regulations being implemented at the end of 2023, suppliers should now be conducting an initial audit of the information they provide to support compliance of their products. 

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22 November 2021

The Building Code System: Is It Ready for Mandatory Product Information? Part Two: A Case Study

In this blog post I look at a common product where there is a range of product information available to compare approaches — flexible wall underlays. 

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27 September 2021

The Building Code System: Is it Ready for Mandatory Product Information?

With potentially thousands of product suppliers needing to provide mandatory information, we need to develop some consensus on how to approach issues so as not to create confusion. In this first blog post in a series on preparing for mandatory product information, I will describe the code and how it relates to products.

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26 July 2021

Is Durability in the Building Code Up to Scratch?

Durability in the NZ Building Code is simple in concept but probably needs more than normal maintenance.

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28 June 2021

The Case for Trans-Tasman Building Regulation

When it comes to the building and construction sector, there is a strong case for collaboration and, taking it a step further, a long-term programme to unify as much as possible our building regulatory systems.

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24 May 2021

Is It Time for a Fundamental Review of the Building Act and How it is Delivered?

Can we develop new compliance pathways for innovations that respond appropriately to the relative risk of non-compliance but in a cost-effective manner?

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27 April 2021

Product Substitution: Simple Rules to Follow to Mitigate Risk

With supply chains affected by Covid-19 there are times substitution cannot be avoided. Here's a look at some simple rules to follow when making product substitutions to ensure problems don't arise.

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22 March 2021

Good Product Information is Key to Helping Make the Consenting System Work Better

When creating product documentation, it is useful for product suppliers to think not only about getting the product specified, but also helping the design team in achieving building consent. 

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22 February 2021

More to the Grenfell Towers Fire Than the Headlines: Lessons for Us All

The public enquiry into the Grenfell Fire should become a key education resource for the industry, reminding us that recognising and managing project risk is a role we all share. 

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