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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith
on Drainage Systems
Specifications Manager

Andrew is the specifications manager at Allproof Industries. He has developed into this role after six years’ experience managing the site based education and detailing of Allproof’s custom stainless steel solutions. This has given Andrew a broad base of site experience which helps in the battle of form and function in design. Andrew aims to be the reliable link between Architect and manufacturer to further Allproof’s wide product base.

25 March 2024

What Type of Drain to Specify for My Commercial Kitchen Design?

This is a question that often gets asked. There are a number of options, and your product selection will depend on a few factors.

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26 February 2024

Surface Water Design Must Be Part of a Level Threshold System

When designing a compliant level threshold system we have to cover off all the requirements of Chapter of E2/AS1.

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27 November 2023

Waste Water Management in Production Facilities

Waste water in processing facilities such as factories for food and beverage production, or even commercial kitchens, can often present unique requirements on the drainage systems.

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25 September 2023

What to Do With the Overflow?

In a membrane roof design, the overflow should have the same cross-sectional capacity as the primary outlet and give an early conspicuous warning to the building occupier that maintenance is required. But what about the weeping overflow, or one that activates prematurely?

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24 July 2023

Holistic System Specification

When selecting passive fire and drainage systems, early engagement to select the right solution can have a profound effect.

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24 April 2023

Big Rain, Big Drain

Consideration should be taken to futureproofing new developments to ensure surface water drainage is efficient and will prevent unnecessary flood damage to property. Our cities are becoming increasingly less permeable with a higher coverage of hard surfaces as they intensify.

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27 February 2023

Integrating Roof and Balcony Drainage

A look at the various ways of approaching roof and balcony drainage on high density residential projects. 

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21 November 2022

Well-Considered Material Selection is Critical for Roof Drain Penetration Durability

With a number of material options available for roof and balcony membrane drainage products — each suitable for different project requirements — it's important that architects carefully consider membrane type, flow rate, spatial requirements and environmental factors to choose the best option for the application. 

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27 September 2022

Selecting and Detailing Channel Drains to AS3996

Linear channel drainage systems provide an excellent solution for efficiently removing surface water from large areas and openings such as laneways, paved areas and garage entrances. When selecting a system, consideration should be taken to the application and load class requirements.

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29 August 2022

Penetrations in Membrane Roofs and Decks

When detailing a membraned area, the selection of the outlet is of prime importance. 

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