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Product Advice

Below-Ground Structural Design for Tanking

Continuing from my previous blog and the question of design, I look at considerations for ensuring an effective waterproofing solution. 

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23 May 2019
18 October 2018

Renovating and Insulating Masonry Walls

mockaroon account 1085248 unsplash

Why strapping and lining masonry walls on the inside is not a good idea, not for renovation, not for new builds. 

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18 October 2018

Bentonite Waterproofing and Wet/Dry Cycling


There is no aspect of bentonite waterproofing that is as misunderstood as how it responds to wet/dry cycling.

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17 October 2018

Growing the Passive Fire Knowledge Base

Malcolm Christie Passive Fire gone wrong blog

The more the industry talks about passive fire and engages with other construction industry professionals, the more likely we are to get it right the first time.

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28 September 2018

Property Line Wall Substrate Preparation


Below-grade shoring wall construction often proves to be difficult to obtain and maintain along the project site perimeter. 

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21 September 2018

Adding Insulation and Wall Underlay to Existing Walls

pro clima a

How can we safely add insulation to existing walls without risking trapped moisture and compromising durability? 

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18 September 2018

Meeting Our Duty of Care Responsibilities for Passive Fire

firefighter image 2

While fire engineering reports are designed in line with the NZBC with a view to saving lives, we often overlook the lives of the first responders who need to go into these buildings.

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23 August 2018

Testing Water Before Installing Membrane Systems

test water conditions for membrane

A detailed discussion of the water/soil compatibility test and its importance in the design of any below-grade waterproofing system.

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22 August 2018

Renovation Opportunity and R-Values

miguel bruna 653087 unsplash

In this article, I’m tackling real-estate adverts, renovation by paint, and discussing one area of cost for whole-house renovation and the connection between health and wealth.

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22 August 2018

Facility Managers and Passive Fire

abstract cladding

The traditional approach for facility managers is to do whatever it takes to make the passive fire issue disappear. This is not always the most cost-effective approach.

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21 August 2018

Designing for Internal Moisture

internal moisture house

Dampness due to condensation can lead to fungal growth which harms occupants, causes decay in structural timbers and accelerates corrosion of metal components and fixings. 

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