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Shane Clarke
Shane Clarke
on Membrane Roofing
General Manager

Shane Clarke is an experienced building industry consultant having worked in excess of 20 years in the construction field. He currently leads the great team at Nuralite Waterproofing Ltd as the General Manager.

25 March 2024

Understanding Roof Falls and Tapered Insulation

Recent membrane testing and technology allows some systems to work at lower falls. This creates an impact on the design scenarios in which the overall roof buildup has a height limitation.

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27 November 2023

Ballast Roofs: An Alternative to Green Roofs

A ballast roof or brown roof is created when a roofing membrane has a layer of gravel, pebbles, or stones added as the finished layer.

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26 October 2021

Futureproofing Your Waterproofing Specification

It is important to consider future factors such as ground movement and rising sea levels to ensure the waterproofing membrane specified will perform as intended regardless of changes in ground conditions.

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26 July 2021

Why to Use Pre-Applied Membranes When Building on Brown Fields

A look at the considerations for redeveloping brown fields. 

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28 June 2021

Utilising Passive House Principles in Warm Roof Design

With the growing awareness of Passive House principles, we can now illustrate the wider benefits of warm roof design.

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27 April 2021

Design Considerations for Dark Coloured Thermoplastic Membranes

We recently conducted a simple experiment comparing the temperature of different coloured membranes in the Auckland sun. 

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22 February 2021

Membrane Technology: Knowing Your Options

Recently, flat roof systems and product technology have grown more complex, with options such as reinforced modified bitumen and TPO membranes providing different performance benefits. 

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24 August 2020

Taking Advantage of Roofs as Liveable Space

Planning ahead and installing an accessible flat roof can keep options open for creating additional living spaces in years to come. 

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25 May 2020

Thermal Bridge vs Continuous Thermal Envelope

Designing ventilated cold roofs or airtight warm roofs without careful attention to risks of condensation can compromise the whole building fabric and integrity. 

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21 October 2019

Choosing the Right Flat Roof Accessories

It's important to consider the wide range of components that are specifically designed to support waterproofing membrane systems and how they create a full solution.

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