Membrane Roofing

with Shane Clarke


Shane Clarke is an experienced building industry consultant having worked in excess of 20 years in the construction field. He currently leads the great team at Nuralite Waterproofing Ltd as the General Manager.

18 May 2017

Maximising Thermal Performance in Roofs

Traditional 'cold-roof' construction of flat roofs in New Zealand is being challenged by the thermal and performance benefits of warm roof systems.

23 March 2017

Understanding Green Roofs

Green roofs or living roofs are an obvious, visible and celebrated device in sustainable design. They offer both ecological advantages and some design challenges.

24 February 2017

Waterproofing: Is Single or Double Layer Membrane Best?

The peace of mind and long-term savings gained from selecting a more reliable membrane system is often underestimated.

18 August 2016

Using PIR Board for High Performance Insulation

PIR insulation board is a multi-functional product that can be effectively installed in various areas of a build for high performance insulation.

21 July 2016

Do Membrane Roofs Need Ventilation?

While ventilation helps prevent unwanted humidity in the roof space, a comprehensive warm roof system can provide a more complete solution.

26 May 2016

Take E2 Compliance Seriously

CodeMark certification is a way of strongly demonstrating a product's compliance with E2.

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