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21 February 2019

BIMinNZ Conference 2019

BIMinNZ Conference 2019

This one-day conference on Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an industry partnership run by the NZIOB on behalf of the BIM Acceleration Committee (BAC). BAC is an entity created as an output of the government-sponsored Building and Construction Productivity Partnership, which views BIM as a leading tool to enhance productivity levels in the sector. The purpose of the May 2019 BIMinNZ Conference is to showcase this innovation-enabling tool and to demonstrate its productivity potential.

BIM is only part of the growing construction technology wave that will deliver productivity gains, though it is an important one. It provides a high productivity platform that the entire construction sector can utilise. Additionally, it is a technology that is here now, while others have yet to lap onto our shores. What is stopping full sector-wide adoption of BIM is: the perception that the return on a business’ investment in the technology is too long, with payback limited to savings to the user; and the perception from the property sector (our clients) that BIM provides a benefit to the construction supply-chain only, not to the property owner. These two elements have inhibited full construction supply-chain adoption of BIM.

NZIOB and BAC believe that to accelerate the uptake of BIM, those that engage the construction sector to deliver our built environment need to be convinced that using BIM provides a financial benefit to them, and not just to the user. The property sector needs to be made aware that the BIM model they receive from the construction sector on handover is, in effect, a second asset that is a valuable tool the client’s asset/facilities management team can utilise to maximise maintenance savings and efficiencies across the lifetime of the building. With that knowledge, the property sector will be encouraged to demand its usage, which will, in turn, force the construction sector to tool-up and become BIM-enabled.

To assist in ‘opening the eyes’ of the property sector to the value that can be extracted from this ‘second asset’ that accompanies their new building, the BIMinNZ speaker line-up includes the BIM Manager from Denver International Airport (DEN), Brendan Dillon. Brendan manages the Digital Facilities & Infrastructure Programme for DEN, which is the sixth busiest airport in the United States and has developed a comprehensive BIM and Asset Management plan unsurpassed by any airport in the country.

Other presentations at BIMinNZ include both local and international construction project case studies. The New Zealand case study is the Pier B extension at Auckland International Airport, which won an award at the 2018 New Zealand Building Industry Awards. The other case study focuses on a current rail transit project in Malaysia, which will provide BIMinNZ attendees with valuable commentary on a live project, the scale of which is uncommon in New Zealand terms.

The theme of digital transformation flows through BIMinNZ. To tie it all together, US-based Dave Rendall will bookend BIMinNZ with a keynote address at the start of the day, and with his wrap-up at the event’s conclusion. As a former comedian, Dave’s ability to recount the day’s material and key themes in a witty and insightful manner will aid retention, framing them in a way that sticks in attendees’ minds long past the event itself.

The NZIOB and BAC acknowledge the funding support of the Building Research Levy in allowing BIMinNZ to be realised. The prospect of an industry-curated showcase of BIM that has received government backing, has captured the imagination of the New Zealand BIM community.

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