Interior, Finish and Services



by John Eastwood


John has a background in architecture and currently leads DORMA's sales team across architectural and glass hardware, automatic doors, operable walls and service and maintenance.


Office Ceilings and Partitions

by Glenn Thomsen

Potter Interior Systems

Glenn offers specialist knowledge in aluminium office partitions and suspended ceiling solutions. He works for Potter Interior Systems.


Commercial Bathrooms

by Mark Cronin

Hale Manufacturing

Mark works with architects and construction companies to achieve bathroom design objectives. He works for Hale Manufacturing.


Paint and Coatings

by Heather Goode


Heather holds a B.Sc. in Chemistry and is the Dulux Technical Manager. She has worked in the paint industry for over a decade.


Acoustic Design

by Jonathan Mountfort


Jonathan Mountfort is the Design Engineer at Autex Industries and has over seven years' experience in acoustic design.


Bathroomware, Taps and Mixers

by Stephan Marshall

In Residence

Stephan has a passion for high quality tapware and bathroom fittings. He shares his knowledge of aspects relating to its specification and selection. Stephan owns In Residence.

Structure, Enclosure and External



by Singh Kamboj

James Hardie

Singh is a civil engineer offering experience in designing timber, steel and concrete structures. He heads James Hardie’s technical team.


Insulation, Underlays and Foils

by Vanessa Lanegra

Pink Batts Insulation

Vanessa Lanegra is the Technical Specialist at Tasman Insulation.


Rainwater Systems

by Scott Townsend


In the building industry for over 15 years, Scott has extensive experience developing and marketing roofing, insulation and rainwater systems. Currently, Marketing Manager at Marley New Zealand.


Airtightness and Moisture Management

by Thomas van Raamsdonk

Pro Clima

Thomas is a German-educated engineer, a specialist in building physics, and is the General Manager for pro clima in New Zealand and Australia.


Translucent Roofing

by Jessica Sit

PSP Limited

Jessica is the Marketing Manager at PSP Limited.


Membrane Roofing

by Shane Clarke


Shane Clarke is an experienced building industry consultant having worked in excess of 20 years in the construction field. He currently leads the great team at Nuralite Waterproofing Ltd as the General Manager.


Steel Framing

by Gordon Barratt

Gordon is Chairman of the National Association of Steel-framed Housing (NASH). NASH is funded by members and sponsors including New Zealand Steel.


Clay Block Technology

by Chris MacPherson


Chris is a licensed building practitioner in architectural design at MacPherson Architecture Ltd. He's also a landscape architect, with over 25 years industry experience in both disciplines. This blog represents his recent work designing in clay masonry construction.


Sanitary and Stormwater Systems

by Steve Skidmore


Steve is an engineer providing design and technical advice on how Marley's commercial plumbing solutions can help specifiers. With over 25 years' experience in the building industry, Steve is currently National Technical Sales Engineer at Marley New Zealand.

Design Advice


Sunlight and Shading

by Gavin Barber

Gavin is an expert in sunlight access and interpretation of shading diagrams for local government. He works for Sun Study Analysis.


Truss Design

by Kurt van Leeuwen

Kurt provides buildable truss design PS1s and general truss expertise for Buildable Layouts.



by Pamela Bell

Pamela is an expert in the area of prefabricated building. She is CEO of PrefabNZ, a non-profit organisation promoting offsite construction.


Maximising Thermal Efficiency

by Keith Huntington

Keith Huntington of EcoRate Ltd is a registered architect involved in passive solar design and the objective analysis of buildings using thermal simulation modelling.

Practice and Industry


Architectural Design Community

by Astrid Andersen

Astrid is General Manager of ADNZ, the professional body for architectural designers.


Sustainable Living

by Jerome Partington

Jerome is an architect, builder and educator with 20 years' experience. He is a Sustainability Manager and Senior Associate at Jasmax as well as Chair of Living Future NZ, a not-for-profit organisation. He is a recognised leader in the field of sustainable building in New Zealand.


Building Industry Insight

by Matthew Duder

As Managing Director of EBOSS Matthew is close to trends and developments that reveal insight into the future of the NZ building industry.


Building Compliance Management

by Kevin Brunton

Kevin Brunton is one half of the Building Business. He and co-director Louise Swann have earned a national reputation for their expertise in helping companies to use all available tools to effectively manage both risk and the burden of compliance.