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New Passive Fire Protection Results

As part of Allproof’s ongoing product development process continual testing is conducted on their passive fire protection systems. The testing is undertaken on new and existing floor, wall and ceiling constructions combined with services (plumbing and electrical) to provide up to date solutions for an ever-evolving industry.

Allproof have recently published new test data on a range of scenarios which has seen the introduction of two new product variations. The Allproof Low Profile Fire Collar has had the ALLFC250SS added to the range which provides a passive fire stopping solution for 225mm PVC DWV and PVC stormwater pipe through a 150mm concrete floor slab. This is now the largest fire collar in Allproof’s range and the testing illustrated the strengths off Allproof’s intumescent through the speed of activation and stability providing a -/240/180 rating on such a large penetration. The 150mm Low Cast-in Collar has also been added to the CIFCL range made from 100% recycled plastic creating more flexibility for pre-pour passive fire rating solutions.

A substantial amount of the latest testing was conducted on electrical service penetrations as Allproof look to broaden the scope and adaptability of their products. A range of substrates have now been tested including concrete slab, rib and timber infill, cross laminated timber, plasterboard ceiling, plasterboard wall and composite floor slabs. The majority of these have been tested with TPS cables, CAT6 data cables, mains cables, pair coil along with some fire alarm and fibre optic cables.

As different construction methods become more widely used for their own properties such as reduced carbon, seismic, insulation, strength, and weight Allproof need to ensure that passive fire stopping solutions exist for them. Allproof recently completed testing on a range of plumbing and electrical service penetrations through cross laminated timber (CLT) floor. Included in this test was PVC pipe, PEX pipe, TPS cables, data cables, mains cable and pair coil all achieving between 30 and 60 minutes.

One of the key updates to Allproof’s testing literature is an assessment enabling the Drop-in Fire Collar (DIFC) to provide an approved solution across a wide range of plastic plumbing services and floor profiles with an FRL up to -/120/120. The assessment simplifies the extensive amount of testing conducted while opening up additional composite floor profiles and enhancing the versatility of a highly adaptable passive fire stopping solution.

Allproof’s testing is designed to improve the systems available to fire engineers and PFP installers on up-to-date scenarios while maintaining the safety of buildings during a fire event to the highest of standards.

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