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Fire Collars

The low profile pipe collars are designed to be installed in concrete, brick or masonry fire rated walls and floors, and fire rated plasterboard walls. The Allproof pipe collars consist of intumescent material encased in a steel surround with fixing tabs. The advanced intumescent technology allows Allproof to achieve a very low profile height of only 27mm for the 25mm–100mm pipe collars.

When fire occurs the intumescent material expands against the steel surround as the flammable plastic pipe running through the collar melts and burns away. The steel casing acts as an excellent heat sync ensuring fast activation of the intumescent, forming a stable fire resistant plug, maintaining both fire integrity and insulation.

Allproof Passive Fire Intumescent Technology

Key Features
  • Totally unaffected by water
  • Unique low profile design (25-100mm)
  • Fit around socket connections (40mm-100mm)
  • Stainless or galvanised steel case
  • Retro fitting — easy install slide tab
  • For use on various plastic pipes
NZ Made
NZ Made
NZ-Owned Business
NZ-Owned Business
Scope of Use

Pipe collars are designed to be exposed in a wall or floor application (i.e. face fixed). The collars should always be bolted to the underneath of the concrete floor. In wall situations one collar should be used on each exposed side of the fire rated wall.

Allproof fire collars are to be installed only as tested. Please refer to Fire collar literature for test results and install drawings on Allproof's website

Suitable for fitting to:

  • Concrete, masonry, brick walls.
  • Plasterboard walls
  • Concrete floors.
  • Hollow core construction floors
Limitations on Use

Installation requirements:

  • Fire Collars must be installed as per Allproof supporting documentation — please view Allproof Fire Brochure for installation requirements
  • Collars must be face fixed on wall or floors and must be installed using correct fixings as shown in literature
Statement of Building Code Compliance

 The product will, if employed in accordance with the supplier's installation and maintenance requirements, assist with meeting the following provisions of the building code:

  • Clause C3 Fire affecting areas beyond the fire source: Performance C3.9
  • Clause C4 Movement to place of safety: Performance C4.3

All performance requirements stated by AS1530.4 - 2014 and AS4072.1 - 2005.

Allproof fire collar poduct and technical data Branz Appriased - Appraisal No. 1088 [2019]

In-Service History

Allproof Fire Collars can be found on almost any project requiring fire rating in New Zealand. Such projects include but not limited to:

  • Commercial Bay
  • Westfield Mall New Market
  • Ryman Health Care facilities such as Tropicana
Other Performance Attributes
  • All product test results can be found in the attached literature
  • Warranty: see Warranty link or visit the Allproof website
BRANZ Appraised
BRANZ Appraised
Test Results
Test Results
C Protection from Fire compliant
Protection from Fire
  • News
  • Technical Advice
Installation Details Link
Masterspec Specification
BRANZ Appraisal No1088

1088 [2019]

Test Results and Installation: Passive Fire Protection Range

Nov 2019

Product Warranty


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