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Perimeter Drain

The Allproof Industries Perimeter Drain is an "off the shelf" level threshold product that removes the process of boxing out and measuring. Simply butting the L-shaped channel up against the exterior footing of the building creates a surface to pour the concrete against. The specially designed grate for this system is made from Glass Filled Nylon (GFN) and created in a way that it can be trimmed down on site to fit varying widths around the exterior of the building. Other grate options can be made available with custom manufacturing.

Channels come in a standard length of one metre, 90° external and internal corner pieces that measure 300mm x 300mm are also available. The standard GFN grate that comes with this system is supplied in 500mm lengths.

This system has been designed to be fast, efficient and cost-effective due to reducing the need for custom manufacturing and providing a faster install process. This trouble-free and easy-to-install product is the future of threshold drainage.

Key Features
  • Easy install
  • On site customisation
  • Reduced lead times
  • Reduced install times
  • Stock item
  • Fully E2 compliant
NZ-Owned Business
NZ-Owned Business
Scope of Use
  • Allproof Level threshold solutions are designed to allow level entry to the building and be fully compliant with New Zealand standards set out in Building Code E2, External Moisture
  • Allproof supplies a range of E1-compliant pits and sumps that the Perimeter Drain can be connected to in order to complete the system


  • The bracket and grate system takes up the varying reveal between joinery overhang and slab
  • The grates come in a selection of materials including Glass Filed Nylon (GFN), Cast Iron and Stainless Steel that can be used to create consistency with other surface drainage in the same project (Allproof Polymer Concrete)
  • The grate selection accommodates for a variety of requirements including economy, performance (grate open area), safety (heelproof and slip rating) and customisation (aesthetics).
Limitations on Use

The Perimeter Drain has been designed to use its own unique customisable GFN grate, should consistency with other exterior drainage be desired Allproof can custom manufacture stainless steel Wedge Wire and LAS grates to suit.

Installation Requirements:

  • When installing the system it is best to work from the centre out and to pre-plan the installation understanding the lengths and cuts required
  • To achieve an optimum aesthetic finish ensure that the channel runs parallel to the joinery and not the building line so that grates do not have to be tapered to fit
  • See Installation Instructions



Statement of Building Code Compliance

The perimeter Drain has been designed specifically to be fully E2 compliant.

Allproof Level threshold solutions are designed to allow level entry to the building and be fully compliant with New Zealand standards set out in Building Code E2, External Moisture.

The Perimeter Drain system creates a 200mm wide x 180mm high channel during the external concrete pour as per E2's requirements.

By supplying a 180mm deep channel the installer can create the '1:200 minimum fall along length of the channel towards a drainage outlet' keeping a 150mm deep channel at its shallowest point. Adjustable legs attached to the stainless steel frame can be set to provide a level entry on the surface.

Allproof supplies a range of E1-compliant pits and sumps to which the Perimeter Drain can be connected to complete the system.

In-Service History
  • Perimeter Drain has been utilised on a range of residential housing around Auckland
Other Performance Attributes

Maintenance requirements:

  • The grates have been designed to lock into place on the bracket with screws, these can easily be removed for maintenance purposes such as cleaning the channel to remove debris as required.
  • The stainless steel channel edge and grates (if applicable) can be maintained by following our SS maintenance guide, however, this is purely for aesthetics and does not compromise the performance of the system


E2 External Moisture compliant
External Moisture
Test Results
Test Results
Revit - Perimeter Drain


Masterspec Specification
Installation Instructions
Product Warranty


Brochure: Threshold Solutions
Additional Information

A New Zealand owned company specialising in the manufacture of plumbing and drainage products and systems.

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