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Cast In Fire Collars

Allproof Cast In Fire Collars are designed to reduce the labour content of passive fire rating plumbing pipe penetrations on concrete floors that are poured on site. Simply fix the base to the formwork on site and the plumbing pipe penetration is located complete with passive fire protection. This eliminates the need for core drilling of penetrations after the floor is poured and retro fitting a fire collar or wrap. Once the floor is poured and formwork stripped, simply cut off the top of the Cast In Collar and install pipe.

Allproof Passive Fire Intumescent Technology

Key Features
  • 250mm overall height 
  • Sturdy construction for casting in 
  • Multiple fixing positions 
  • Made from recycled PP
NZ Made
NZ Made
NZ-Owned Business
NZ-Owned Business
Recycled Content (Pre-Consumer)
Pre-Consumer Recycled Content
Scope of Use
  • Seals penetraions for plastic plumbing services in the event of a fire
  • Prevents spread of fire and smoke
  • To be cast into solid masonry floors
Limitations on Use
  • Not suitable for retrofits
  • Please ensure that relevant testing has been done on specific install scenario before selecting product
Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • All products are tested to AS1530.4 — 2005 and AS4072.1 — 2005
  • Allproof fire collar product and technical data BRANZ Appraised — Appraisal No. 1088 [2019]
  • The product will, if employed in accordance with the supplier's installation and maintenance requirements, assist with meeting the following provisions of the building code:

    • Clause C3 Fire affecting areas beyond the fire source: Performance C3.9
    • Clause C4 Movement to place of safety: Performance C4.3
In-Service History

Used in a wide range of multi-story building applications.

Other Performance Attributes

At the core of the Allproof passive fire protection product range is the advanced intumescent technology. This enables Allproof to offer products with performance and design advantages for engineers and installers of passive fire protection products. Allproof’s intumescent material expands when exposed to heat and as its volume increases with significant expansion pressure, it produces a stable char. The intumescent char formed is a poor conductor of heat, retarding heat transfer and retaining the integrity and insulation of service penetrations through otherwise fire-resistance rated walls or floors.

BRANZ Appraised
BRANZ Appraised
Test Results
Test Results
C Protection from Fire compliant
Protection from Fire
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BRANZ Appraisal No1088

1088 [2019]

Test Results and Installation: Passive Fire Protection Range

Nov 2019

Product Warranty


Masterspec Specification

A New Zealand owned company specialising in the manufacture of plumbing and drainage products and systems.

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