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25 May 2020

Turning 'The Impossible' into the Possible

impossible 2

If there is anything that the last three months have shown us, it's that the impossible can become possible very quickly. Therefore, you could argue that almost anything is possible. We can change. We can pivot from our current trajectory. We can adapt to protect ourselves and others.

There are clear parallels between the rapid adjustments for Covid-19 and the adjustments that are required to overcome the challenges of the climate crisis. The fundamental difference has been motivation. The government has been extraordinarily motivated to not test our collective immune systems or the resilience of the health care system. Our people have been extraordinarily motivated to do the same and put the good of the many before their personal needs and desires.

The reason this has happened at such startling speed and comprehensiveness is that we feel an immediate threat to our health or indeed survival. The socialised lizard brain has been 100% activated and is working flat tack to save our species.

This draws an obvious parallel to the threat of the climate crisis, which is arguably a far greater, more menacing and long-reaching threat than a single virus, however infectious. Indeed, there is a pretty strong correlation that is appearing between our pressure on natural systems and the emergence of the coronavirus.

What does all this mean? We CAN change our society. We CAN dramatically and rapidly alter systems, work creatively and act for the greater good despite individual inconvenience. We CAN work urgently and effectively to solve what appear to be overwhelming problems.

He waka eke noa!

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