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Video: How Does Allproof's Passive Fire Intumescent Technology Work?

Allproof’s NZ-made advanced intumescent technology works when the intumescent is exposed to heat, causing the volume to increase at a significant rate and pressure. The expanding intumescent fills the penetration void as the plastic pipe/service melts away creating a seal. The char formed is stable and a poor thermal conductor, retarding heat transfer while maintaining the insulation and integrity of service penetrations.

Strips of intumescent are installed around the inner circumference of Allproof’s passive fire collars. As the collar is exposed to heat from the fire, the intumescent reacts, the collar acts as a casing directing the expansion of intumescent inwards to seal the penetration.

Allproof Industries tests their products in accordance with AS1530.4 – 2014 and AS4072.1 – 2005 at independent IANZ accredited fire testing laboratories and has a Branz Appraisal [No.1088].

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