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The Ultimate Green Living Solution: VELUX Skylights

Green living means maximising the use of natural resources to create energy-efficient homes, which makes VELUX skylights the perfect solution. VELUX brings the best of energy-efficient glazing to life with their new smart home automation system called VELUX ACTIVE.

As architect Paul Graham was designing his family home, “the main drive with renovating was to make the home healthy. Apart from insulation, that meant opening the place up with skylights for solar warmth, sunlight and ventilation,” he said as he expressed his praise towards the 21 skylights that were a fundamental element in creating his sustainable healthy home.

VELUX ACTIVE is a sensor-based indoor climate control system that opens and closes skylights automatically to maintain indoor comfort levels. For example, when it gets cold outside, VELUX ACTIVE will close the skylights automatically to insulate the home or when it’s too hot, it will open to vent the hot and stuffy air; reducing reliance on artificial heating and cooling.

Sustainable homes are becoming increasingly popular. Using VELUX Skylights and VELUX ACTIVE for natural lighting and ventilation is an ideal green living solution.

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