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Maximising Daylight and Fresh Air in Buildings with VELUX

Since the recent pandemic, the need to improve the health of buildings, incorporate more natural lighting and enhance ventilation has grown dramatically. The rapid increase in hybrid offices and multi-purpose spaces has resulted in a need for better ventilation and more efficient lighting to facilitate new ways of living and working.

Skylights are a robust solution for tackling both lighting and ventilation requirements — all while taking advantage of what nature has to offer.

Letting more light in

Daylight is fundamentally important to quality of life. It has been proven to have numerous benefits to overall health and wellbeing while also creating visually stimulating and productive environments.

Skylights provide natural and sustainable lighting solutions for a wide range of spaces, from narrow corridors and stairways, to home offices, studios, commercial spaces and more. They provide up to three times more light than typical vertical windows.

Creating spaces to breathe

A recent survey on workplace wellness found 89% of respondents believed that clean indoor air improves their work performance. VELUX opening skylights offer a versatile solution for enhancing the ventilation of a building, in addition to providing natural lighting. 

Ventilation is also an essential element to consider in homes where steam from cooking, showering, or even just the buildup of a summer day’s heat needs to be addressed to ensure comfortable living. Openable skylights take advantage of the stack effect (also called the chimney effect), creating a natural air flow that replaces hot and humid air as it rises up and out of the skylights, drawing cooler air into spaces. Facilitating cross-ventilation in buildings helps to save energy and keeps buildings nice and cool.

Taking advantage natural light and ventilation is crucial for today’s building designs, and skylights offer more sustainable and robust uses than what meets the eye.

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