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Modwood WPC Decking Meets Specifiers' Needs

ModWood is currently undergoing CodeMark Certification to ensure it meets all aspects of the NZBC in every region throughout New Zealand. The majority of WPC products available in New Zealand don't comply with aspects of the NZBC, and only BRANZ and CodeMark can offer the peace of mind of compliance for architects, specifiers and homeowners.

ModWood also features enough UV inhibitors to handle the harsh New Zealand environment, as opposed to other WPC products built in the Northern Hemisphere, for the Northern Hemisphere.

Not all WPC brands expand and contract at the same rate, as the amount of expansion and contraction is dependent on the amount of wood fibre versus plastic used in the product. The majority of WPC products manufactured in South East Asia have higher levels of plastic, meaning higher levels of expansion and contraction.

This presents a real problem for specifiers wanting to specify full length (5.4m) spans on decks, simply because the higher levels of expansion and contraction on each board will mean the gap at the end of the board will be too large and become unsightly.

Further to this, the increase in expansion and contraction can cause sagging of the product between the deck joists on hot days. ModWood WPC decking has a high level of wood fibre content meaning users can specify installing full lengths of ModWood decking while maintaining acceptable levels of expansion and contraction.

For more information get in touch with the team at Buildpro for technical information and a sample pack.

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