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Elevate Outdoor Spaces with ModWood Decking

Authentic aesthetic

ModWood replicates the look and feel of natural timber with precision. Choose from two styles, 11 captivating colours, and five exquisite finishes to match your client's outdoor aesthetic perfectly.

Environmental excellence

With a staggering 90% recycled content, ModWood is a sustainable choice that reduces waste and environmental impact. Join the movement towards eco-conscious construction without compromising on quality or style.

Seamless installation

ModWood’s impressive length of 5.4 metres without the need for breaker boards, results in fewer joins and less waste. Enjoy a sleek, uninterrupted surface that enhances the visual appeal of your outdoor space while minimising costs.

Superior safety

With a commercial R-11 slip rating, ModWood offers enhanced slip resistance, surpassing most timbers and composite brands. It is ideal for commercial applications or areas where safety is paramount, including spaces frequented by children and/or elderly folk.


Rest assured not only will ModWood not melt in a fire it is actually fire-rated, providing added peace of mind and safety for outdoor environments.

Designed for durability

Manufactured in the Southern Hemisphere, ModWood is engineered to withstand NZ's extreme UV conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance.

CodeMark certification

ModWood has achieved CodeMark certification, demonstrating full compliance with all aspects of the NZ Building Code. Trust in a product that meets the highest standards of quality and regulatory requirements.

Structural integrity

Unlike USA composite brands not designed for 450mm centres, ModWood remains firm underfoot, eliminating any sponginess and ensuring a stable and secure surface.

25-year warranty

With confidence in its quality and performance, ModWood offers a generous 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance of long-term satisfaction.

Experience ModWood for yourself

While samples may not fully capture ModWood’s true essence, seeing it in person is essential to truly appreciating its beauty and quality — talk to one of Modwood's reps about arranging a viewing.

Make the switch to ModWood today and elevate outdoor spaces with a decking solution that exceeds expectations in aesthetics, sustainability, safety, and longevity.

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