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Southland Maple Beech Timber & Veneer

Lindsay & Dixon markets Southland Beech (Nothofagus menziesii) under the names Maple and Cherry Beech. It is a sustainable and readily available solid timber and veneer product grown in New Zealand.

With a focus on sustainability, Lindsay & Dixons forests and manufacturing facility in Southland is 100% FSC Certified, making it one of the few sustainable, fully integrated, native forestry operations in the Southern Hemisphere.

Buildpro Arcom is proud to represent Lindsay & Dixon's Southland Beech timber and wood products at an architect, specifier, distributor and stockist level in New Zealand.

Key Features
  • 100% FSC certified
  • A true New Zealand grown and produced, sustainable interior timber
  • Competitively priced against imported timbers such as Oak, Ash, Cedar and Maple
  • Full range of solid timber and veneer options to suit your specific requirements
  • A very successful track record of supply into small, medium and large scale projects throughout New Zealand
  • A range of options that meet the MBIE S3 fire rating requirements
  • Coating and pre-finishing options are available
  • Buy direct from the producer — Timberline does not make a margin on architectural projects (Timberline provides marketing and project based quantifying services for Lindsay & Dixon)
  • Laminating production facility enables the production of large sections of timber
  • Custom sizes available
  • Common sawmill sizes include sawn thickness of 25mm / 32mm / 40mm and 50mm and common sawn timber widths include 50mm / 75mm / 100mm / 125mm / 150mm and 200mm
  • Thickness of up to approximately 100mm and widths of up to approximately 900 — 1000mm available
FSC Certified
FSC Certified
NZ Made
NZ Made
NZ-Owned Business
NZ-Owned Business
Scope of Use

Ideal for both residential and commercial interior feature applications. Southland Maple Beech excels when used in an interior joinery or lining application, there are numerous profiles available to achieve a number of different looks. 

Southland Maple Beech readily accepts a range of coatings and finishings and it can also be coated with intumescent coatings to meet S3 fire ratings when required. There are a number of on-site and factory applied coating systems that are available.

Southland Maple Beech is considered a medium density hardwood and has been widely used in flooring applications. As with all timber flooring projects consideration should be given to the type of building that the flooring is being installed in. Contact Timberline to discuss specific project requirements in detail.

The beauty of timber is that the options are almost limitless. Southland Maple Beech can be profiled, customised, laminated and coated to meet almost any requirement.

Limitations on Use

Southland Maple Beech timber and veneer products are suitable for interior applications and should not be used in exterior applications.


Statement of Building Code Compliance

Southland Maple Beech can be used in various commercial applications, including applications where a S3 fire rating is required. In some instances it may be a requirement that an intumescent coating is also required. In these situations Buildpro Arcom has a number of solutions available including factory applied intumescent coatings.

In-Service History

Southland Beech has been widely used in major New Zealand projects as well as everyday commercial and residential projects. Some examples of Southland Maple Beech being used, include:

  • Supreme Court, Wellington
  • Novotel Hotel, Auckland Airport
  • Air New Zealand Koru Lounge
  • St Margarets College, Christchurch
  • Environment Canterbury Building, Christchurch
  • Rangi Ruru Girls School, Christchurch
  • Burwood Hospital, Christchurch
  • MIT Building, Auckland
  • Anglican Church, Wanaka
  • Commodore Hotel, Christchurch
Other Performance Attributes

Southland Beech steam bends easily, is lightweight and easily worked. It is suitable for all interior applications without the need for treatment.

Traditionally this species has been referred to as Silver Beech in New Zealand. As Lindsay & Dixon's supply is from second crop rotation forest with an average age of 75-80 years, the wood has a very consistent lighter colour, similar in appearance to American Maple. 

Southland Beech has the desirable properties of fine even texture and characteristics of even wearing, good machining, turning and finishing qualities.

Once fully seasoned, Southland Beech is extremely stable, and less prone to tension wood, split, warp or collapse than other hardwoods. Beech machines well, with minimal sanding needed to achieve a high-quality finish, and also stains, polishes, paints and glues well. Naturally resistant to borer, New Zealand beeches also provide an attractive option for consumers seeking a chemical free environment.



E3 Internal Moisture compliant
Internal Moisture
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Timberline is a supplier of premium quality solid finishing timbers including cladding, interior wall and ceiling linings, and other speciality products.

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