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Specifying an H1 Compliant Membrane Roof on a Residential Project

On the 1st May 2023, MBIE’s fundamental changes to Clause H1 for all residential buildings come into effect. These changes relate to energy efficiency and the thermal performance of roofing elements in particular insulation.

The minimum roof R-Value has been increased in buildings under 300m² and is shown in the above table. With these considerable changes, Nuralite has seen a significant increase in queries to their technical team via phone and email, as well as through the Live Chat function of their website. The queries all have a similar subject — how can we ensure we meet the new R-Values in our roof designs?

Nuralite have a solution that has been tried and tested in the market for over 15 years. The CodeMark certified Nuratherm Warm Roof system can ensure you meet and exceed H1 requirements.

The 150mm Enertherm PIR provides a continuous R-Value of R6.80 ‘outside the structure’ and when combined with our NPM900 metal tray substrate, Nuralite can provide an economical and fast, H1 compliant roof for all Climate Zones.

Nuralite aims to make the roof build-up as efficient and effective as possible and it may be possible to include some lofted insulation inside the roof build up to reduce the amount of Enertherm PIR insulation overall. They can increase or decrease the thickness of the Enertherm PIR to suit.

The Nuratherm Warm Roof System can be specified with either Nuraply 3PM or Nuraply TPO. Nuralite can also undertake a Hygrothermal Analysis specific to your project and geographical location to ensure H1 requirements are met. You can view Nuralite's interactive 3D Nuratherm Warm Roof model on Working Spec.

Please contact Nuralite if you would like assistance with your next project.

View more information on Nuralite, including contact details.
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