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Enertherm PIR Insulation Boards

Enertherm PIR is a 100% CFC, HCFC or HFC-free insulation board with a rigid polyisocyanurate foam core, clad on both sides with a multi-layer gas-tight aluminium complex. Enertherm PIR insulation has a high efficiency per m², so compared to other insulation materials (such as EPS, XPS and Rockwool), a higher insulation value is achieved with a thinner board.

Using Enertherm PIR across the entire flat roof surface, the R value of the system is higher than the R value of the PIR. In comparison, using lofted insulation between the rafters the R-value of the system is actually lower than the insulation R value due to thermal bridging.

Key Features
  • Improved insulation with no thermal breaks
  • Cross ventilation of ceiling void not required
  • Can be retrofitted on existing buildings
  • High compressive strength
  • Lightweight and easy to handle on site 
  • Optimises energy efficiency
  • 20 year product warranty
  • BRANZ Appraised
Scope of Use

Enertherm boards can be installed over plywood, concrete or metal substrates, on new or existing buildings and on flat roofs with a minimum 1:30 slope.

Statement of Building Code Compliance

IKO Enertherm ALU Insulation is installed as part of the Nuratherm System.

In the opinion of BRANZ, the Nuraply Nuratherm System if designed, and used, installed and maintained in accordance with with the statements and conditions of Appraisal No.732 (2012), will meet the following provisions of the NZBC:

  • Clause B2 Durability: Performance B2.3.1(b), 15 years. Nuraply Nuratherm System meet these requirements.
  • Clause E2 External Moisture: Performance E2.3.1 and 2.3.2. Nuraply Nuratherm System meet these requirements.
  • Clause F2 Hazardous Building Materials: Performance F2.3.1. Nuraply Nuratherm System meet these requirements and will not present a hazard to people.
  • Clause H1 Energy Efficiency: Performance H1.3.1(a). The Nuraply Nuratherm System will contribute to meeting this requirement.

Nuraply Nuratherm System have been appraised as an Alternative Solution in terms of New Zealand Building Code compliance.

In-Service History

As a New Zealand owned and operated company, Nuralite has provided membrane roofing, decking and tanking solutions within the architectural industry for over 50 years.

Other Performance Attributes
  • 20 year product warranty
B2 Durability compliant
E2 External Moisture compliant
External Moisture
F2 Hazardous Building Materials compliant
Hazardous Building Materials
H1 Energy Efficiency compliant
Energy Efficiency
BRANZ Appraised
BRANZ Appraised
Material Safety Data Sheet
BRANZ Appraisal

No. 732 [2019]

Installation and Operation

Membrane waterproofing is not hard not when combined with Nuralite's range of system solutions and experienced team of technical experts.

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