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Nurajacks and Nurapads

Nurajacks and Nurapads provide a solution to the requirement to 'float' a deck surface over a membrane deck. The New Zealand Building Code Clause 'E2' states that an enclosed deck must have a removable surface so that the membrane can be inspected at any time. 

Nurajacks are a self levelling pedestal with a large base that ensures no point loading of the membrane below. Made of UV resistant polypropylene, Nurajacks are light, yet extremely strong. They are available with a tile or timber joist head in sizes from 28mm to in excess of 550mm tall.

Nurapads are a 12mm tall disk that is a suitable interface between a tile or timber joist. Made of polypropylene, Nurapads will ensure that a tiled or timber deck is suspended a minimum of 12mm above the membrane deck to allow any water to flow beneath to the outlets.

For over a decade the Nurajack system has been used successfully, often in challenging situations, throughout New Zealand. There are certain unique circumstances though where the project requires tiles or pavers be constrained. For this purpose, the Nurajack Windproof (V2) has been developed.

The system consists of a metal clip that is attached to the head of the Nurajack and has the function of anchoring the tile to the head of the pedestal without using glues or screws. This holds each paver to the Nurajack and distributes the weight of the entire deck across all the tiles – prohibiting uplift of the individual pavers.

The system can withstand wind speeds up to 212km/h (59m/s) or 2166N of upward pressure. If increased wind loading is expected, consider increasing the weight of the paver or using an aluminium framed system (such as and tying the frame into the structure of the building utilising the Nuralite Fixing Plate fixing system.

Key Features
  • Meets councils' requirements for tiles/pavers/timber decking over membrane decks
  • Self levelling heads — to create a level deck and a level indoor/outdoor aesthetic
  • Top adjustable heads — no lifting of the tiles to adjust the jacks
  • Acoustic pads to minimise the noise transference to lower levels
  • Patented European designed and manufactured to the highest standards in quality
  • Made from high-density polypropylene injection moulding — maximum loading of 1000kg
  • 20 year material guarantee when installed over Nuralite membrane system
Scope of Use
  • For a high performance, fully warranted system, specify Nuraply 3PM waterproofing membranes with Nurajacks to support the tiles, pavers or decking
  • Ensure the system is braced against the surrounding cladding systems using Nuralite’s Tile Cladding Spacers
Limitations on Use
  • Maximum loading of 1000kg
  • Liquid membrane systems should be avoided as they require future re-coating and maintenance to maintain their integrity
  • A structural tile or paver must be used with the Nurajack system
  • If heavy loads are anticipated this must be considered when specifying, and designing the waterproofing system — the Nurajack system is not designed to support moving vehicles such as cars or window cleaners
  • If installing Nurajacks over an alternative waterproofing system please check with the supplier beforehand to ensure all products on the deck are compatible. Some suppliers warranties may be voided by the use of non-approved systems.
Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • Building Code — meets Building Code requirements for floated decks over membranes
  • Council Standards — meets Council requirements for removable decking over membrane decks
In-Service History

As a New Zealand owned and operated company, Nuralite has provided membrane roofing, decking and tanking solutions within the architectural industry for over 40 years.

Other Performance Attributes
  • 20 year material guarantee when installed over Nuralite membrane system
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Nurajack Installation
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CAD/PDF Details
Nurajack Tile Deck on Concrete
Nurajack Deck Pedestal

Membrane waterproofing is not hard when combined with Nuralite's range of system solutions and experienced team of technical experts.

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