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Providing a Waterproofing Solution for Every Situation on This Seaside Home

With a site overlooking the Pacific Ocean and a vast expanse of open sky, Breamtail House by Studio2 Architects was designed to be one with the land. The idea was to create a place of balance within the natural environment and use the landscape for inspiration.

There was a desire for a type of synergy between light & dark and positive & negative, with the clients wanting their home to form ‘blades through and with the land’. This brief was envisioned by Studio2 Architects as a building with clean lines; a minimalistic design and contrasting colour tones.

Understanding the need for the house to be a certain shape that complemented the surroundings and optimised the site-specific requirements, the architects created a design that focused on horizontal lines and utilising available space.

Opting for a Nuratherm Warm Roof meant a low fall could be achieved and the opportunity for creativity with shapes could be explored. Studio2 pictured Breamtail House with a box-like silhouette that used the natural curves of the earth to draw the eye in. The low-pitched roof enabled the structure to have a distinct shape and create a statement from far away.

Wanting a colour that suited the Northland bush around the property, a slate green mineral chip finish was selected for the cap sheet. The muted green colour worked well with the dark cedar cladding and the interior oak walls.

A warm roof was specified to enhance the home’s thermal performance and provide long term energy savings. 70mm Enertherm boards with an R-value of 3.15 were used with the Nuraply 3PM double layer system, this build-up assists in regulating a building’s internal temperature and keeping it protected from the elements.

As the house was built partially into a bank, the lower levels needed to be protected from water ingress over time. The Nuraply 3PT/3PTM tanking system was therefore specified on the concrete slab, foundations and walls. The decks on the top level were also waterproofed as well as insulated due to them being directly above the lower level living space.

Surrounding the home and pool area multiple decks were designed to create a sense of indoor/outdoor flow and embrace the 360-degree views. Nurajacks decking pedestals were installed to support the tiles and create a level entry when entering the home.

The top-level decks were also skirted by gardens of native shrubbery. With a concise re-vegetation plan devised starting with plants near the house, a waterproofing membrane with a root inhibitor was required to stop roots growing into the building envelope. Nuraply 3PG was installed to combat underground penetration and maintain the waterproofing integrity of the home.

Waterproofing and warm roof installer: Auckland Waterproofing Ltd

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