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Gilt Edge Provide Ecoglo Stair Nosings to Meet F6 Emergency Visibility

Ecoglo have long been a trusted brand in emergency visibility photoluminescent step edge contrasts. Giltgrip Ecoglo Stair Nosings are cost-effective, sustainable, durable and failsafe.

  • Utilise ambient light in most cases meaning little or no power usage
  • No replacement parts, ie. no batteries or lamps, so no hazardous waste
  • Extremely durable — warranted for 30 years indoors and 15 years outdoors
  • Operate instantly each time the power fails
  • Available in 11 different Giltgrip Nosing types to suit each project's particular floor requirements

Compliance: NZ Building Code (NZBC) Clause F6

The photoluminescent (PL) Step Edge Contrast of Giltgrip Ecoglo Stair Nosings has sufficient brightness to be used outdoors (24/7 all year round) and meet NZ Building Code Clause F6. Internal fit-outs also comply with F6 once the site environment is quantified. The PL insert used in the Giltgrip profile will not drop below a luminance level of 5mcd/m² (or millicandela per square metre). 5mcd/m² is internationally accepted as a suitable minimum brightness (luminance) for PL strips in escape and access routes.

Compliance: UL1994 and NZBC F6

New Zealand does not have a luminous egress visibility testing standard hence the PL Step Edge Contrast has been tested and passes the International Standard UL1994 “Luminance Egress Path Marking Systems.” Not only has Ecoglo Step Edge Contrast material at 5mcd/m² been tested in accordance with UL1994, but also from a distance of 10m by two independent laboratories. Both laboratories confirmed the material is suitably visible at that brightness, and therefore Ecoglo PL Step Edge Contrast material meets the Clause F6.

Masterspec Specification: All the new Giltgrip Ecoglo Stair Nosing range, including the Gradus and Gradus XT ranges, can be specified into your next project using the Masterspec Work Section: 6614GE GILT EDGE STAIR NOSING, TRANSITIONS & TRIM.

For Technical advice and assistance, including live input via Masterspec PartnerNet contact:
Ian Williams, Technical Consultant, Gilt Edge Architectural
M: 0274 364 642
E: [email protected]

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