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GreenStuf Innovation: Crafting Insulation from 100% Reclaimed Materials

Dedicated to responsible and sustainable practices, with a focus on making a positive impact on the environment, communities, and future generations, GreenStuf proudly introduce their latest innovation: the first insulation product in the GreenStuf range crafted entirely from reclaimed materials.

“Using new technology and processes, we can now repurpose reclaimed polyester insulation into a series of new, fully reclaimed products,’’ shares GreenStuf Managing Director Rob Woolner, "with the Sound Solution Classic rolls being the first to be 100% reclaimed.”

Renowned for its superior performance, Sound Solution Classic has long been relied upon to control airborne sound, impact noise, and noise transmission within construction cavities. Now, with Sound Solution Classic rolls made entirely from reclaimed materials, GreenStuf is turning waste into high-performance insulation without compromising quality or functionality, choosing to see waste as a resource with potential, not just something to dispose of.

With more and more specifiers leaning towards sustainable options, the importance of pushing boundaries and exploring new processes and materials has become evident. “The constant push towards more sustainable practices can appear daunting, but it’s all about small incremental steps to do things better,” notes Rob.

The Takeback Programme, which is how GreenStuf reclaims the material used in Sound Solution Classic rolls, involves collaborating with industry partners to collect used insulation, site waste, offcuts, and packaging, which are then transformed into new products like Sound Solution Classic rolls within a zero-waste production line. However, initiating a takeback programme is just the start. “The difficulty is not in setting up a takeback programme — anyone can do that," says Rob. "It’s designing, testing and delivering innovative new products made from that waste which truly closes the loop and brings authenticity to the programme.” 

Although GreenStuf's commitment to sustainability goes beyond the Takeback Programme by refining processes across manufacturing and production, the company continues to push forward its product stewardship initiatives. The launch of reclaimed Sound Solution Classic rolls is just another stride forward.

“I am incredibly proud of the team who have pioneered this project,” says Rob. “Sound Solution Classic is the first product of many that will use this technology. It allows GreenStuf to take responsibility for a significant problem for the industry — positive solutions for end-of-life construction materials.”

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