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Gilt Edge Concrete Treatment Minimises Moisture for Hospital Wet Room Install

Gilt Edge Architectural worked with Klein Architects to specify key integration of Protect Crete concrete treatment and all flooring preparation and installation systems above. Constructed in two stages and completed by Hawkins in 2020.

Protect Crete X200 Densi-Proof was specified using Gilt Edge Masterspec Concrete Treatments Section. It was imperative that the concrete subfloor moisture Relative Humidity (RH) be controlled so that floor preparation and installation systems failure would not occur. Gilt Edge trained the application contractors on site to ensure correct application. X200 Densi-Proof is a foundation element in Gilt Edge Warranted Seamless Flooring Systems.

High-Level Requirements

The design team needed to ensure elevated moisture in the concrete slab was not present that could adversely affect systems installations and cause costly installation failures and project time delays. There are many wet rooms in the facility and a robust system was essential. X200 Densi-Proof is an essential concrete treatment included in Gilt Edge Architectural Healthcare – Disabled Access Wet Rooms Specification Klein used for the project.


  • Will cure concrete equal to water pond curing
  • Permanently waterproofs concrete from any direction
  • Compatible with flooring systems and concrete coatings
  • Makes concrete impermeable, increasing longevity
  • Increases tensile and compressive strength
  • Retards efflorescence
  • Zero VOC, environmentally friendly, water based, user safe
  • Substantially reduces dry shrinkage cracking
  • Stabilises concrete pH
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