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Noise Control in High-Density Living, Schools and Commercial Buildings

Tecsound 50 SY is a seal-adhesive peel and stick mass loaded barrier for a range of high-performance noise control applications in schools, commercial and residential projects.

Increase sound transmission performance of walls with reduced thickness

A solution to maximising floor area within a building is to add Tecsound 50 SY self-adhesive peal and stick to lightweight wall systems to increase the sound insulation performance by adding less thickness than other products to achieve the same performance. The acoustic performance relative to its thickness is market leading due to its flexibility and high density.

Increasing privacy with ceiling plenum noise barriers

There are many flanking noise transmission paths within buildings. These paths can reduce privacy or increase unwanted noises between neighbouring rooms. One critical flanking path is through ceiling tiles over the top of partial height walls and back through the ceiling into a neighbouring room. Tecsound 50 SY hung directly above the partition from the roof or floor above down to the ceiling tiles creates a sealed acoustic barrier. The self-adhesive peal and stick creates an effective seal with the ceiling and when joining Tecsound 50 SY.

Rain noise control for school classrooms

Poor classroom acoustic design can negatively impact learning, particularly on rainy days where the constant drumming of raindrops falling on an untreated roof-ceiling system can mask the teacher's voice from being heard by the students, resulting in reduced learning outcomes.

Rain noise must be controlled in all learning spaces in NZ schools by designing a roof-ceiling structure to cope with periods of high intensity of rainfall. This requirement has recently been updated in the version 3 of the Designing Quality Learning Spaces document.

To achieve the rain noise requirements in new and existing schools, a mass layer in the roof/ceiling system is required. The Tecsound 50 SY mass loaded barrier installed in the ceiling cavity is a great solution to achieve this rain noise requirement. It’s easy to install and durable.

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