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Allproof Industries Introduces NZ Made, 100% Recycled Commercial Channel Drain

Continuing with their focus on locally made and environmentally friendly production techniques, Allproof industries have again met market demands with the release of their locally designed and made 200mm clear opening drainage channel moulded from 100% recycled plastic.

Allproof works on a design philosophy of, where possible, keeping all production in house. From the product design team to the tool makers and the manufacture and assembly of the finished product, Allproof manage the whole process from their Beach Haven manufacturing plant. This allows them to maintain good levels of stock and reduce reliance on offshore manufacture to supply market demand.

It took the team over 12 months to work through the design and tooling for this product after noting a gap in the market for a medium duty, high capacity drain. This NZ-made drainage channel made of 100% recycled material will give excellent hydraulic results along with being easy to install and cast into hard paved areas.

The system includes the option of GFP grates that are moulded in-house and offer a choice of a black, linear heelproof grate in keeping with current design trends. Or the cast iron is also heelproof and allows the system to achieve a D class rating for traffic (AS3996). Additionally, there is a 316 stainless steel wedge wire grate available with a class B load rating and R11 slip resistance (AS4586), ideal for pedestrian areas and light vehicles.

An inline sump will meet the requirements for sediment catchment, not interrupting the visible line of the installed channel and allowing stormwater connection to mains system.

Working with the market to produce a user-friendly system, click-together straights and no requirements for other components such as corners makes the install fast and labour-efficient. Channels are haunched into concrete to set heights. Alternatively they can utilise Allproof’s unique channel levelling system allowing bars to be used to set channels to height. Channel levelling clips speed up the install and remove the requirement for site mixed concrete to pre-set the channels prior to pouring.

Allproof realises the importance of respecting the environment in their production process. Avoiding offshore manufacturing helps reduce the environmental costs of not controlling the manufacturing process and inputs. Also, the relative environmental effect of shipping and transport of pre-made items. This channel and a lot of other products moulded in Auckland utilise locally sourced 100% NZ recycled polypropene as much as possible. This means that the shampoo bottle you put into your recycling bin is being used to create a drainage channel which will last for many years to come by Allproof.

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