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Innovative Solutions for Apartment Wastes

In apartment design, space, durability, and innovation are factors that will ensure the available area and services are used in the most efficient manner.

Selection of a system and integrating components that allow for services to be streamlined and interact with each other will allow for speedy installs and reduce doubling up on items such as waste pipes, fire protection systems and coring of the slab.

For example, in the Wellington TRYP Hotel by Wyndham the suites offer a washer dryer in the bathroom for the guests to use. As there was not space, or requirement for, a tub they selected the Allproof Laundry Outlet Box to encase both the hot and cold tap and waste pipe outlet in a recessed fitting behind the tiled wall line. This innovative and compact unit removes the protruding taps mounted to the finished face of the wall and PVC standpipe, containing them behind the linings giving more space to the room, and better durability with the exposed plumbing fittings being enclosed out of harm’s way. Very important in this high use environment.

The evolution of the Hot Water Cylinder Tundish has revolutionised the HWC install throughout the plumbing industry. By allowing the cold-water expansion, temperature pressure relief valve and safe tray overflow all to exit via one penetration in the slab, time and money is saved and for this reason the product is selected in multi-unit developments. By having only one core hole, there is only one passive fire solution and a tested system for the engineer to approve.

On the mechanical side of things, with the addition of often multiple heat pumps in apartments the issue of what to do with the condensate pipe should be considered. A pump and drain system can be specified, but this can generate noise, it also requires wiring in and maintenance. Or the Allproof GPO Tundish can be selected, it allows for the condensate to run via a discreet tundish behind the linings and be connected into the local waste water system or stack. Again, providing a simple, space saving and durable solution. This detail is regularly used in Australia and recently made an appearance in the NZ market when Allproof began locally manufacturing this component.

Paying attention to the available systems when designing apartments will take care of many finer details that are often overlooked. Also, relying on a local manufacturer to provide these solutions will ensure the project runs on time and to budget and will result in a durable, aesthetically pleasing finished product.

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