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Tile-Over Stainless Shower Tray

Allproof specialises in customised stainless steel shower trays for project specific applications where off the shelf trays may not be suitable. Utilising linear and point drain options, with a variety of wall and edge options, Allproof can create the ideal solution for the installation.

Allproof's Tile-Over Shower Trays are perfect for an unbeatable high performance waterproof barrier.

The tile-over stainless system utilises a engineered XPS base pre-fixed to the tray to create the required fall towards the outlet. Designers can select from a 1:50 fall to create a level entry shower or 1:80 for step down or hob design showers. This system removes the need to screed a fall into the tray reducing work needed on site.

The tile over stainless tray offers a range of channel drains that can be run down one side of the tray with fall towards it. The tile bar complete with weepage holes creates an edge to tile up against for a tidy finish while providing a path for any subtile moisture.

Key Features
  • Impermeable high-performance waterproof barrier protecting an area of extreme moisture
  • 304 stainless steel
  • Preformed fall of 1:50 for level entry or 1:80 for hob entry showers
  • Significantly reduced time needed on site by eliminating the need to screed a fall
  • Custom made to fit exact project requirements
  • Channel and point drain with a variety of grate design options for aesthetics
  • Increased protection against vulnerabilities to waterproof barrier through building movement
NZ Made
NZ Made
NZ-Owned Business
NZ-Owned Business
Scope of Use
  • Ideal for showers located in multi-story buildings
  • Waterproof barrier for areas of excessive moisture
  • For application under tiles in shower areas
  • Custom manufactured to specific requirements, i.e. size, shape, outlet location
Limitations on Use
  • Production limitations on size apply, 2800 x 1300mm maximum
  • For application under tiles in shower areas, exposed stainless option available as another product listing
Statement of Building Code Compliance

Allproof Tile Over Stainless Steel tray systems are designed to comply with all AS/NZ building standards allowing designers to select from a 1:50 fall to create a level entry shower or 1:80 for step down or hob design showers. 

In-Service History

Various applications across New Zealand and Australia.

E3 Internal Moisture compliant
Internal Moisture
G13 Foul Water compliant
Foul Water
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