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October 2011

Whiteboard Storage and Partition Ideas from Potters

Teachers are not only able to slide these whiteboard partitions into place whenever they need to teach two separate groups, but use them as teaching surfaces.

Designing a classroom involves carefully balancing unique functional requirements, so an opportunity to solve several challenges with one solution appeals to architects and designers. Potter Interior Systems has been using whiteboards creatively to get more from limited classroom space.

Consider striking the challenges of whiteboard placement and storage with one stone. Whiteboard cabinet sliders are absolutely perfect for schools. Whereas typical storage cupboards under-utilise their external surfaces, whiteboard cabinet sliders put them to good use. Potters’ cabinet sliders are high-quality porcelain-on-steel surfaces and will maintain their lustre even after years of use.

We’ve also found that cabinet sliders are useful in offices, particularly for architects, lawyers and accountants who require lockable storage solutions. Classroom designers are, by no means, alone in their need to maximise the space available to them. Potters’ cabinet sliders are very customisable to suit any requirement.

Finally, Potters recently installed tracks and whiteboards across half an AUT lecture room in front of external windows. The whiteboards can put to good use by lecturers as extra writing space and can also be moved out of the way to let in natural light when they are not needed.

If you wish put whiteboards to creative use, contact Potter Interior Systems today.

View more information on Potter Interior Systems, including contact details.
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