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21 April 2023

Specifying Ceiling Tiles with a Group 1 Fire Rating

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In New Zealand, the Group 1 fire rating is an important requirement for mineral fibre ceiling tiles. The Group 1 fire rating is a classification given to building materials that have the highest level of fire resistance, indicating that they have a very low flammability and do not easily contribute to the spread of fire.

Mineral fibre ceiling tiles are commonly used in commercial buildings due to their acoustic and thermal insulation properties, but they are also a potential fire hazard. If a fire were to break out, these tiles can release toxic smoke and contribute to the spread of flames, leading to a potentially catastrophic situation.

By selecting mineral fibre ceiling tiles with a Group 1 fire rating, building owners and operators can significantly reduce the risk of fire and improve the safety of the building occupants. A Group 1 fire rating means that the material has undergone rigorous testing and has demonstrated excellent fire resistance properties, including low flame spread, low smoke development, and low heat release.

In New Zealand, the Building Code requires that all buildings meet certain fire safety standards, including the use of materials with a Group 1 fire rating in areas such as exits, stairs, and corridors. Therefore, using mineral fibre ceiling tiles with a Group 1 fire rating can help ensure compliance with these regulations and provide greater protection for building occupants in the event of a fire.

Potter Interior Systems have been working with the commercial sector for many years and understand the levels of Fire rating to New Zealand standards. As specialists in this area we can offer the most practical and compliant solutions for your projects.

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