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Smart Energy-Efficient Skylights

Those looking at energy savings can turn to VELUX Skylights as they offer the perfect blend of form, function, and energy efficiency. VELUX Skylights incorporate energy-efficient features including, double glazing, and offer innovative products like VELUX ACTIVE that are designed to reduce energy costs and improve indoor living.

All VELUX Skylights are double glazed with low E3 coatings to maximise energy efficiency and insulation year-round. As hot summer air moves up and out through opening skylights, cool air from vertical windows is drawn in, reducing reliance on air-conditioning. This is known as “the stack effect” and is another effective way that VELUX Skylights improve a home’s energy efficiency.

Controlling heating and cooling inside the home to maximise energy efficiency doesn’t have to be challenging. VELUX ACTIVE is an automated control system that opens and closes skylights to help maintain indoor comfortability through sensors that measure temperature, CO2 and humidity levels. For example, on a hot afternoon, VELUX ACTIVE sensors will automatically analyse the temperature and open the skylights to vent hot, stuffy air. This dynamic sensor feature allows for perfect indoor climate control and smart living areas to reduce energy use.

Not only are VELUX Skylights aesthetically stunning, but they also allow homeowners to create smart homes and reduce energy consumption. Double glazing and the stack effect both significantly contribute to the energy efficiency of VELUX Skylights and the addition of VELUX ACTIVE to homes creates attentive living spaces by maintaining indoor comfort levels. Where’s a better place to start saving energy and money than the comfort of the home?

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