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Skylights: The Unrivaled Complement to Modern Kitchens

With the kitchen acting as the heart of the modern home, designers all want that elusive fusion of beauty and functionality. Skylights provide an innovative approach to designing an architectural masterpiece while providing must-have functionality.

It’s common to have stone tops and European appliances these days, so standing out can be challenging; this is where skylights really come into their own. With so many sizes available and the ability to couple many together, adding a unique feature is easy. “Imagine a kitchen just as it is, but bathed in natural light and ceilings that extend to a gorgeous blue vista, all with the added drama multiple skylights bring to a room. That’s a dream kitchen,” remarks Stephen Parry, VELUX.

Skylights not only add a touch of beauty but are also great for providing the ventilation a kitchen requires to expel heat, humidity and odours from cooking. VELUX ACTIVE, an add-on accessory for Electric and Solar Powered Skylights, uses innovative technology to take this to the next level. Using indoor sensors to measure CO2, temperature and humidity and comparing to local weather data, VELUX ACTIVE will automatically open or close skylights when it is beneficial to do so. And, using the app, the homeowner can override and control the skylights themselves.

Whether looking to enhance kitchens visually, functionally or both, VELUX skylights provide an elegant solution.

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