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Velux Skylights Add Flexiblity to Bathroom Design

When choosing the location of a bathroom, designers are often limited by a need for light and ventilation. After all, without ventilation and natural light, a bathroom loses all its lustre and luxury. This means bathrooms are often placed on the perimeter of the house.

That's where a Velux skylight can help. A skylight can flood any room with natural light, and from just about anywhere in the house. Skylights can provide much more light for the same glass area (some studies suggest it could be as much as 2-3 times what normal vertical or dormer windows can provide).

Ventilation is also improved by the use of opening models. Skylights are optimally placed to take advantage of the natural phenomena of heat rising: the steam from a bath or shower rises to the ceiling, then out through the skylight. This in turn draws fresh, drier air into the bathroom.

Not only can location be freed up, but the bathroom also gains an extra wall. Without being forced to waste a wall on a window, homeowners have space to put extra luxury items they wanted but couldn't fit — be it a spa, bath, his/her vanities, or even extra storage.

It also means relatively small bathrooms have the space to fit all the basics. As an added benefit, there is no longer a need to be concerned over privacy being compromised by vertical windows.

For the freedom to put a bathroom anywhere within a home, and an option to gain more valuable wall space, contact Velux.

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