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If You Can't Beat Short Lead Times, Join Short Lead-Times

Established in 2007 by Mark Bedford and his family, Steel Rollformed Products Ltd (SRP) is a New Zealand owned and operated family business that takes pride in supplying quality steel components to the NZ building industry within noticeably short lead-times.

Using locally sourced NZ steel wherever possible, galvanised steel sheet and coil is quickly processed into suitable strip widths for folding or rollforming into varying profile shapes. These make up SRP's wall and ceiling system components for use in building and construction. As their products are cold-rolled or formed into shape, there is no waiting, curing, or finishing time required, and the products are ready for installation. Once the steel rollforming machine is dimensionally set up for a particular run of product, it can produce an enormous quantity per day, and steel studs, for example, can be supplied cut-to-length, and in any length.

Manufacturing locally has enabled SRP to pick-up the slack, especially when other competitors or suppliers have failed to meet demand, Steel Rollformed Products Ltd has assisted architects and building contractors in keeping project programmes on time and within budget, without the need for hold-ups and delays in procuring their building products.

Another advantage of local manufacture is that if there are any issues, such as product faults, incorrect sizing or dimensions, damaged product etc., this can usually be rectified very quickly — even if it means SRP need to re-manufacture the product. Currently, SRP's typical lead-times are 5-7 working days.

Like many other suppliers in NZ, SRP have experienced steady increases in pricing over the past couple of years, and so this has made planning ahead significantly more challenging, especially for quantity surveyors pricing tenders etc. However, they continue to monitor their prices closely, giving customers relevant and prompt updates on product pricing.

Steel Rollformed Products Ltd's manufacturing plant is based in Penrose, Auckland, with distribution centres located in Tauranga and Christchurch.

Please JOIN SRP here: for more information and shorter lead-times.

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