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Ceiling Systems

Steel Rollformed Products' Ceiling Systems are available as Direct Fix, Top Cross Rail or Strongback options. 

Direct Fix Systems have been designed to allow for a high level of flexibility, including the possibility of using any of the SRP Batten range. Top Cross Rail Systems allow for either the SPR 16mm or 28mm Batten, when suspended on wire or droppers, and the Strongback System is designed to combine with the SRP 22mm Batten

Steel Rollformed Products have selected the best industry standard profiles to produce a range of ceiling battens that are most popular in the industry for strength, reliability and ease of installation. Combining precision manufacturing with top quality materials, such as GALSTEEL, by New Zealand Steel, SRP produce battens of quality, durability, and strength, along with channels, and fixing clips and angles.

Key Features

Components include:

  • Battens (28mm, 35mm)
  • Low profile battens (16mm, 22mm 0.75 and 0.55)
  • Notched batten (35mm)
  • Strongback channel
  • Top cross rail (TCR) and clip
  • Angles (35mm, 40mm)
  • Perimeter track
  • Clips

See Product List for full details.

Scope of Use

All SRP Ceiling Systems can be used to provide a base grid to fix GIB plasterboard, and to be the batten system in GIB Plasterboard Systems.

The selection of an SRP systems is determined by space requirements of the plenum vs internal room height.

  • Direct Fix: provides less room between ceiling structure and plasterboard and is suitable for houses, apartments, and offices where plenum space is not required, combines with 16mm or 28mm Batten
  • Strongback allows for suspended ceilings are are suitable for commercial spaces where plenum space for services is required, combines with 22mm Batten and furring strap
  • TCR also allows for suspended ceilings and can be used with the 16mm or 28mm batten for use in for larger spaces
Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • NZBC Clause B2 — Durability:  When installed in accordance with the installation instructions and in dry interior environments, SRP Ceiling Systems will satisfy the requirements of NZBC Clause B2 – Durability. SRP Ceiling Systems are manufactured from galvanised coated steel Z275 conforming to AS/NZS 1397.
  • NZBC Clause B1
  • NZBC Clauses C3 — Fire and G6 — Noise Control: SRP Ceiling Systems meet the requirements of specific fire and acoustic systems. Where installed ceilings form part of a specific fire or sound rated system the plasterboard manufacturer’s specification must be followed. Refer to GIB Fire Rated Systems and GIB Noise Control Systems.

SRP galvanised steel products are manufactured to meet the requirements of NZS 3404 Steel Structures Standard, NZs 404.1 Steel Structures Standard – Materials, Fabrication and Construction and AS/NZS 1397 Steel Sheet and Strip.

Other relevant standards:

  • NZS 4600 cold-formed Steel Structures
  • NZS 2785 Suspended Ceilings
  • NZS 1170 Structural Design Actions
Full Ceiling Systems Handbook
Span Tables
Installation: Direct Fix
Installation: Strongback
Installation: Top Cross Rail
Ceiling Product Range

Steel Rollformed Products is a family owned and operated manufacturer of steel stud wall and ceilings

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