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SRP Wall Strapping Systems

The SRP Wall Strapping Systems are an adjustable clip + batten system, specifically designed for strapping and lining (+ levelling, for higher level surface finishes) of uneven surfaces such as: concrete, pre-cast, masonry, block or brick walls. 

Often used on the internal side of building external walls, or alternatively exposed concrete internal walls or pillars.

Also, in some situations allows building products/ services to be encapsulated within the wall (thickness), such as insulation, electrical or plumbing cables, conduits, and service pipes of varying diameter/dimensions.

Key Features
  • SRP Metal Ceiling Batten/Furring Channels: 16mm, 22mm, 22mm WIDE, 28mm, 35mm (3.6m, 4.8m & 6m lengths available)
  • Multi-stage Adjustable Wall Fix Clips: 16/28mm (Long or Short) or 22/35mm
  • Zero Bracket w Rivnut in-built (for fine adjustment) Wedge Anchor Bolt, Sizes: 65mm, 85mm 100mm, 120, 150mm
  • SRP Clips/Spacings Chart available for quick reference/ depth dimensions etc.
  • Z250 galvanised finish
  • 10 year SRP general warranty
  • 50 year Galvsteel durability statement 
Scope of Use

SRP Batten & Adjustable Clip System: (DPC is used for separation between galvanised steel clip and concrete)

  • Electrical conduits, SML diameter Service pipelines, insulation

SRP Batten & SRP Zero Bracket with Rivnut + Threaded Rod System:

  • Insulated Panel Systems/ External Concrete (fine thread adjustment)

SRP Steel Stud & Track Wall Strapping System: 

  • LGE diameter Service pipelines: Plumbing/ Electrical Ducting
Limitations on Use

SRP Batten & Adjustable Clip System:

  • Cavity Range = 22mm > 67mm (SRP Batten Options: 16, 22, 28, 35mm + 4-Stage Adj. Clips)

SRP Batten & SRP Zero Bracket with Rivnut + Threaded Rod System:

  • Cavity Range = 20mm > 141mm (w/ 32mm Wedge Anchor embedment. 65 – 150mm bolts)

SRP Steel Stud & Track Wall Strapping System: 

  • Cavity Range = 51mm > 150mm (SRP steel studs to braced back to wall @ mid height e.g with 40 x 40mm Wall Angle)
Statement of Building Code Compliance

B2 Durability: SRP uses GALVSTEEL® manufactured by New Zealand Steel. The continuous hot-dip galvanised zinc coating conforms to the industry standard required for this application; Z275 (275 g/m2 total). New Zealand Steel made GALVSTEEL® for framing is backed by a 50 year Durability Statement to demonstrate compliance with NZBC Clause B2-Durability, when used and maintained as referred to in the current New Zealand Steel's Durability Statement.

In-Service History

SRP Wall Strapping Systems have been manufactured/ supplied into the NZ building industry for at least the past 15years.

This SRP system is very popular and now used in most large construction projects (such as Hotels, Apartments, Retirement Villages) for levelling, strapping and lining (e.g. with plasterboard) internal side of external walls/ concrte, masonry, block and brick walls etc

Other Performance Attributes
  • ASNZ4600 (steel chemical composition, gauge grade tolerance, galvanised coating, testing statistics, yield)
  • NZS4129 (seismic)
  • NZS3404 (fabrication)
  • AS1397 (sheet and strip)
  • AS1538 (cold formed structures)
  • ASZNZ1170 (steel structures)
  • AS/NZS2785 (suspended ceilings)
Wall Strapping Systems
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SRP Wall Strapping Systems

Steel Rollformed Products Ltd is a New Zealand based manufacturer of rollformed steel, Wall and Ceiling systems — for use in construction of most types of buildings.

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