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SRP Acoustic Solutions for Walls and Ceilings

SRP Wall Systems

SRP Whisperwall Acoustic Partition System maximises sound control within walls in between spaces (provides excellent acoustic privacy). The SRP Whisperwall stud wall has been developed to provide superior acoustic properties, with significant advantage over timber framing, and staggered stud walls in installation, and is test verified. In Lab testing, at Auckland Uniservices, SRP Whisperwall stud wall achieved an STC 52, STC 58, STC 62 rating.

SRP Resilient Rail > Standard Steel Stud Walls improves the acoustic STC rating in single steel stud walls. Resilient rail is typically installed horizontally across vertical steel studs.

SRP Resilient Joiner Brackets > Double Stud partition walls provides structural connection between steel double-stud partition walls, while maintaining acoustic performance/ STC rating.

SRP Sound Isolation Brackets ST-001 > Steel Wall Strapping to structure improves acoustic performance (STC rating) in steel stud walls, and sound isolation/ wall strapping systems. Suitable for use with SRP 16mm and 28mm battens.

SRP Ceiling Systems

SRP Acoustic TCR Clips > Ceiling batten to Top Cross Rail improves acoustic performance/STC rating + assists in minimising noise/ vibrations transmitting through ceiling systems e.g. from in-ceiling services above. Suitable for use with 16mm and 28mm SRP battens.

SRP Resilient Mount Brackets > Ceiling batten to purlin improves acoustic performance and provides acoustic separation between ceiling system and purlins/structure above. Suitable for use with 16mm and 28mm SRP battens.

If you are looking to significantly enhance acoustic performance, and also privacy, without unnecessarily over-engineering your internal walls and ceilings, get in contact with Steel Rollofmed Products now at [email protected] or visit for more information.

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