NZBC 'Protection from Fire' Clause-C Changes

with James Hardie01 May 2013


Changes to the NZBC clause-C are now mandatory, with new clauses, new acceptable solutions, and a new verification method included in the new framework. Clause-F8 'Signs' has also changed, with warning signs now required in buildings. 

There are now seven acceptable solutions, C/AS1 to C/AS7, each applying to a risk group which is based on the risk presented by the activities carried out in a building or part of a building. The set of solutions for buildings and parts of buildings can be used by building design professionals including designers who do not necessarily have specific fire engineering qualifications.

The new clauses provide clearer and specific information regarding the fire design of simple and complex buildings. As per the new clause, it should be easier and quicker to check the fire performance requirements needed for simple buildings, while it sets a consistent approach to be followed for the fire design of complex buildings.

If you are an architect, designer, engineer, fire designer or a building consent official and would like to know more about the recent changes, contact James Hardie.

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