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Saniflo Systems Ensure Smooth Operations at Anglesea Gynaecology Clinic

The Anglesea Gynaecology Clinic is a premium centre considered one of the best in New Zealand. The facility where the clinic was located had become too small for their demand, so the clinic needed to relocate and custom design the new space to meet their needs.

Due to the nature of the business, the clinic required multiple hand basins and toilets, as well as a plumbing solution that could handle the clinic’s specialist medical waste.

Gavin Robins, architect, builder and project manager for the clinic’s fit-out, did not anticipate plumbing to be a problem until he discovered that the gravity drainage below the floor was not accessible and to try and use it would have required closing the business below for the duration of the work as well as the use of a core drill to get access to the plumbing lines below the floor.

Instead, they needed a solution that would allow them to pump the waste water up to the ceiling where the current sewer line existed. After extensive research into what alternatives were available in New Zealand, they discovered Saniflo.

"We investigated quite a number of different options and the Saniflo products appealed to me in particular because their pumps were really compact and tidy," says Gavin Robins, Architect and Project Manager.

About the Sanispeed+

The Sanispeed+ is a proven product with many satisfied customers. Its compact size allows ease of installation in small spaces, all without compromising performance.

“Due to its compact size, the pumps were able to be discreetly installed under the sink and hand basins, and within the wall cavities without compromising the sleekness of the clinic's design which was very important in this project," explains Greg Waters, Technical Manager Saniflo Australasia.

About the Sanicom 1

The Sanicom 1 is a powerful pump for greywater waste, ideal for busy commercial environments. It was perfectly suited to the clinic’s specific needs due to its ability to handle medical waste and 90°C waste water.

“The Sanicom 1 was specified for medical and laboratory facilities," says Greg. "It was chosen for the procedure room because of its increased tank size for dilution assistance coupled with its high performance.”

About the Saniaccess 2

The Saniaccess 2 was the obvious choice of pump for the clinic bathroom applications as it is compact and quiet.

“The main benefit of using this macerator pump is the ease of access for serviceability," explains Greg. "The panels on top of the unit give direct access to the blades and the electrical chamber. It is ideal for medical centres, or anywhere where blockages are a potential.”

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