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Saniflo has a solution to overcome those situations where drainage is a problem — allowing freedom of design without the cost and inconvenience of moving sewer pipes.

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About Saniflo

Saniflo fills a demand for extra wet areas in the home, without the cost and inconvenience of moving sewer pipes.  For over 60 years SFA has enabled thousands of households every year to make their home improvement projects a reality, with high-quality, French-made components. Because SFA is attuned to its customers’ needs, new products are released every year to expand the product range.

Founded in France in 1958, SFA developed the first ever macerator pump, a product that revolutionised the bathroom renovation market and shaped the company’s history. The macerating toilet pump was an immediate success, enabling a bathroom to be installed anywhere in the home without the need of direct access to a sewer point.  This is achieved by finely chopping the incoming waste so that it can be pumped through small diameter pipework which can be concealed behind the walls, under floors or in ceiling spaces and eventually connected to the existing sewer line.

After achieving unwavering success in Europe with its macerators, grey water pumps and lifting stations, SFA continues to expand its unique offering around the world. The group established itself with the Saniflo brand in Australia and has never looked back. With growing popularity in basement living, outdoor BBQ kitchens, additional toilet and granny flat extensions, there is an ever increasing demand for cost effective plumbing solutions. Despite a global presence, Saniflo is dedicated to the same principles that underpinned its initial success: innovation and quality. Products are made to the highest standards by Saniflo's parent company in France, using modern production technology and a team of engineers consistently develop products that meet the requirements of modern decor. 

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