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Resco Compact Laminate Spells Durability for Rugby Ground Restrooms

Project architect Mike Angelo of Peddlethorp Architects (Hamilton) explains there were multiple reasons he was firm in specifying Resco’s range of Multicom wall linings, Storm cubicles and bespoke use of Resco Compact Laminate for vanities, and men’s area Modesty Screens in the reconfigured public restroom areas under the 1950s-built stand.

"From years of experience, particularly with high use and abuse school settings, we knew that Resco’s products would be cost effective in delivering the quality and longevity expectations for this project,” says Mike. Early on he identified they were dealing with concrete block walls, some very tight spaces, and the requirement to provide facilities with maximum throughput, so Resco being Hamilton-based with a very helpful customer service reputation and ability to custom cut was key. “It gave us flexibility, and we knew that if there was an issue we could talk directly with Resco to problem-solve.”

This being a project undertaken during Covid restrictions, Mike also factored in the possibility of product supply problems. “We were able to secure the colour we wanted throughout, and we appreciate that Resco were happy to put all that we needed aside for us.”

The patron toilet area renovation, which was part of a bigger project strengthening the structural and fireproof integrity of the WEL stand, was completed in February this year. “It’s come up really well,” says Mike, “our client is happy and so are all the rugby fans who can now be accommodated at half-time!”

The anti-graffiti and anti-bacterial components within Resco Compact Laminate are an added factor in favour says Mike. Resco product specialist Clayton Smith explains: “An anti-graffiti formulation is part of the surface and all Resco panels contain Antibac, an innovative bacteria-repelling compound that kills 99 percent of bacteria within two hours of contact, for the lifetime of the panel. Use of Resco’s Compact Laminate products ensures that, by design and by material content, there are minimal dirt traps and surface cleaning times are reduced.”

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