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Tough Army Base Criteria Met by Resco Compact Laminate

When upgrading ablution and high use areas at the Defence Force's Linton Military Camp, Compact Laminate became the product of choice due to its high performance, says Jared Kenyon of Lee Builders. The Palmerston North company has multiple successful and ongoing tenders for refurbishment at Linton Camp, via Spotless, the provider of Linton’s on-site services.

“We started using Resco Multicom panel on the walls in shower areas in the barracks where other products, even tiles, weren’t holding up to high use by people in a tough, physical job,” explains Jared. Cubicles and vanities made from Resco Compact Laminate are proving just as tough as the wall panels, he says.

“Now, it is being spec-ed everywhere at the camp, we are very impressed with the durability of Resco Compact Laminate. ‘Soldier-proof’ is definitely a term we use.” Jared adds that at the tradesman end of the Linton refurbishment projects, proof of the strength of the Compact Laminate can be gauged by the high wear on the builders’ saw blades.

In June 2021 the Linton Camp S17 health unit area ablution facility refurbishment was completed using Resco’s Compact Laminate range in Multicom wall lining, bespoke vanity units and the Series 5000 cubicle system in full height size. Resco Operations Manager Clayton Smith points out the full height choice affords privacy and unisex use, and maximises space. “A 13mm pre-finished dividing panel is a perfect solution to utilise as much space in the room as possible. It could even mean an extra cubicle or two depending on the size of the room.”

Resco's design and attention to simple lines, rebated doors and no dirt traps allows a high standard of cleanliness with reduced labour input and cleaning product use. Clayton Smith explains: “Use of Resco’s Compact Laminate products ensures that, by design and by material content, there are minimal dirt traps and surface cleaning times are reduced. An anti-graffiti formulation is part of the surface and all Resco panels contain Antibac, an innovative bacteria-repelling compound that kills 99% of bacteria within two hours of contact, for the lifetime of the panel.”

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