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TRACKLOK and GRIDLOK: 10 Years — FutureReady

TRACKLOK Ltd continues to be dedicated to improving building practices through logic and compliance. The TRACKLOK, DEFLOK and GRIDLOK range of products have been developed to address the risk of non-structural failure in commercial buildings.

These pre-engineered solutions are designed for architects, structural engineers, and construction professionals.

Non-structural failures account for a significant portion of repair costs after an earthquake, often reaching 70% to 80%. By installing non-structural restraints during construction, these risks can be significantly reduced. The cost of incorporating restraints at the outset is typically 3% to 5% of the total build costs, while retrofitting is far more expensive.

TRACKLOK focuses on securing walls, while GRIDLOK is designed for bracing ceilings. The range applies logic, innovation, and best practices to improve building resilience and mitigate the risk of non-structural failure. Compliance with building codes, such as NZ/AUS Building Code B1 Structure, AS/NZS 1170, and AS/NZS 2785, ensures safety and performance requirements are met.

While this is true for New Zealand, the same requirement exists in the Australia and even more stringent requirements exist for the USA. The inclusion of these products into larger markets abroad has allowed TRACKLOK Ltd to gain significant certifications in the USA. Primarily HCAI OPM’s for the California health sector, standards that are the most stringent in the world. This achievement allowed DSA’s education projects to specify TRACKLOK products for their needs.

Seismically bracing non-structural elements not only protects human lives but also support business continuation. Interruption to business operations result in significant time and financial losses. By implementing TRACKLOK, DEFLOK and GRIDLOK, you minimise downtime and demonstrate a commitment to risk mitigation, enhancing business continuity. And ensuring you’re future-ready.

Insurance considerations are also essential as insurers evaluate safety measures when determining coverage and premiums. Proactively installing TRACKLOK, DEFLOK and GRIDLOK shows your commitment to risk reduction.

TRACKLOK Ltd collaborates with like-minded industry leaders and actively participates in the following organisations:

  • AWCI (Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries)
  • BOINZ (Building Officials Institute of NZ)
  • AIBS (Australian Institute of Building Surveyors)
  • NZSEE (New Zealand Society of Earthquake Engineering)

Together, we strive for a better industry governed by sensible codes of practice.

Choose TRACKLOK seismic bracing solutions to mitigate non-structural failure risks, enhance building resilience, and ensure a safer commercial environment. Embrace logic, innovation, and best practices for a secure future in construction.

With 10 years of design, development, testing and real world implementation across the world, trust TRACKLOK to ensure you’re future-ready.

To find out more about the Tracklok range, please call Potters' technical support team on 09 579 1338 or email [email protected].

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