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OmniCore: The Heart of Multi Room Heating or Cooling

Standard heat pump systems, with their one-to-one indoor and outdoor unit setup, can often constrain outdoor space, especially in medium to high-density developments like townhouses and apartments. Mitsubishi Electric OmniCore offers the ability to connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit, giving back valuable exterior real estate space and enabling an uncluttered aesthetic.

In addition to making the most of a limited outdoor area, an OmniCore Multi Room System helps maintain the integrity of your architectural vision, with over 80 different indoor units to choose from. Options range from high walls, floor consoles, ducted systems, to cassettes, providing you with the flexibility to mix and match units to best fit your design.

Multiple outdoor units are available depending on the scale of your project and future needs. Choose from small to medium residential and light commercial range the OmniCore Classic or for large residential and commercial buildings the OmniCore Pro range.

The competition has now closed. For more information on OmniCore, please contact Mitsubishi Electric.

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