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OmniCore Pro Multi Room Heat Pump Systems — Large Residential & Light Commercial

While a standard heat pump system consists of a single indoor and outdoor unit, an OmniCore Pro Heat Pump System provides heating or cooling in multiple rooms by connecting up to 8 indoor units to a single OmniCore outdoor unit.

Not only is tailoring the indoor units to each space possible to meet design requirements, less exterior space is needed by reducing the number of outdoor units — this is of particular benefit to large residential homes and commercial projects where installation space outdoors can be limited, rooftops subject to bearing loads and where exterior aesthetics matter.

An OmniCore Pro Multi Room System offers flexible install options, with over 70 different indoor units to choose from including high walls, floor consoles, ducted, in-ceiling and ceiling concealed units.

There are multiple outdoor units available depending on the scale of the project and future needs.

Key Features
  • Keep the exterior clutter-free with just one OmniCore outdoor unit
  • Connect 2 to 8 indoor units with the OmniCore Pro Mini-VRF (R410A)
  • The OmniCore Pro features over 70 indoor units to choose from
  • Future proof by design, OmniCore systems have the flexibility to add units on in the future
  • Guaranteed heating operation down to -20°C
  • Individual temperature control for each room
  • Built-in or Optional Wi-Fi Control available across all indoor units
  • Wide range of wireless and wired controllers available as well as centralised control systems
  • High COPs (Coefficient of Performance) provided by Mitsubishi Electric Inverter Technology

Indoor Units

High Wall Models:

The wide range of Mitsubishi Electric High Wall Mounted Heat Pumps will save floor space and keep occupants comfortable year-round.

  • EcoCore AP Classic and AP Plus Series — New Zealand's quietest, starting at just 18dBA*1
  • AP Mini Series — New Zealand’s most compact high wall indoor unit*2
  • Designer EF Series — award winning design with 3 colour options to choose from: Pure White, Matte Silver, and Rich Black Diamond
  • Black Diamond LN Series — Mitsubishi Electric's most advance heat pump with 3 colour options to choose from: White Diamond, Red Diamond, and Black Diamond

*1 MSZ-AP25 indoor sound level on lowest fan setting in heating mode
*2 Indoor unit total volume size of 0.034m³

Floor Console Models:

Ideal where wall space is limited, under windows or in rooms with high ceilings.

  • RapidHeat KW Series — Industry first RapidHeat Technology and wall recessable design
  • New Zealand's quietest floor console heat pumps starting from just 18dBA*3
  • PFFY Series — Concealed and compact design for easy perimeter air conditioning while maintaining architectural design.

*3 MFZ-KW25/35/42 indoor sound level on lowest fan setting in heating mode

Ducted and Ceiling Concealed Models

Offers unobtrusive comfort with only discrete grilles visible to maintain interior aesthetics.

  • PEAD Series — Centrally controlled ducted solution with possible Lossnay Ventilation Interlock
  • SEZ Series — Compact design with 200mm height perfect for rooms with lowered ceilings
  • PEFY VMA Series — Slimline design with 250mm height allows for easy install into tight ceiling spaces
  • PEFY VMX Series — Compact design with 200mm height allows for easy install into tight ceiling spaces

In-ceiling Cassettes and Under-ceiling Models

Discrete in-ceiling solutions for when wall space is limited and ceiling cavities are limited.

  • MLZ One-Way Cassette — Slimline design ideal for small install spaces where one-way air distribution is needed
  • SLZ Classic Cassette — Compact design with advanced 3D i-See Sensor and 4-way air-flow suitable for small to medium sized rooms
  • PLA Large Capacity Cassette — Advanced 3D i-See Sensor and 4-way air-flow suitable for large rooms and office spaces.
  • PCA Under-ceiling Series — Sharp, clean lines make this unit easy to blend in with ceilings, providing low-profile heating or cooling
Scope of Use

A Mitsubishi Electric OmniCore Multi Room Heat Pump System offers the flexibility to choose the perfect heat pump for each room with just one OmniCore outdoor unit. Intended to minimise the clutter of having several outdoor units outside while also offering flexible design opportunities and individual room temperature control — it's an ideal solution for larger homes, offices and other light commercial applications:

OmniCore Pro — PUMY-SP Range (R410A) of Outdoor Units:

  • PUMY-SP80 (10.0 kW Heating) Connect 2-7 indoors
  • PUMY-SP112 (14.0 kW Heating) Connect 2-8 indoors
  • PUMY-SP125 (16.0 kW Heating) Connect 2-8 indoors
  • PUMY-SP140 (16.5 kW Heating) Connect 2-8 indoors

Final outdoor unit selection will be affected by several different factors.

  • The combination of rooms and their location, as well as operating use, will determine which of the proposed models required
  • In many cases, an outdoor unit with a lower heating capacity may be adequate where not all indoor units are required to operate at full capacity simultaneously
  • If considering adding more indoor units in the future, in the interests of future-proofing, it may be best to select an outdoor unit capable of providing more heating capacity than is currently required

Optional Corrosion Protection Service to reduce the likelihood of pre-mature corrosion in coastal environments.

Limitations on Use

Every OmniCore Classic Multi Room outdoor unit has three parameters that determine the number and size of indoor units that can be connected to it:

  • 1. The number of indoor units that can be connected. Ranging from 2 to 8 indoor units dependent on outdoor unit
  • 2. The maximum individual indoor class rating that can be connected. Ranging from 15 to 100
  • 3. The maximum total class rating of all units that can be connected. Ranging from 75 to 202 dependent on unit

This product should not be used in the following situations:

  • In an area affected by heavy snowfall or blowing snow — in areas with heavy snow please install a canopy, a pedestal and/ or some baffle boards.
  • Within 3 metres from an antenna of TV set or radio. Operation of the air conditioner may interfere with radio or TV reception in areas where reception is weak. An amplifier may be required for the affected device.
  • Where there is risk of combustible gas leakage.

For small to medium sized residential homes and more environmentally-friendly R32 Refrigerant please see the OmniCore Classic Multi Room range.

Statement of Building Code Compliance

The full range of Mitsubishi Electric products have been tested and registered in accordance with MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards) requirements.

It is also important to note that any heat pump outside unit installed without a compliant cover within 1.2m of a balcony rail will fall outside of these requirements.

Mitsubishi Electric highly recommend Heat Pump Covers Ltd products in these situations, and have many examples of successful OmniCore installations on multi-story apartment balcony spaces using Heat Pump Covers Ltd products.

In-Service History

Current R410A PUMY-SP models have been in use since 2019.

The Mitsubishi Electric Product Range has been exclusively distributed by 100% locally owned and operated Black Diamond Technologies Limited for over 40 years in New Zealand.

Other Performance Attributes

Optional Upgrades:

  • NYALIC Surface Treatment and Silicon PCB Treatment (on request) will help increase the life of the product as well as reduce the likelihood of unsightly premature corrosion in less-than-deal environmental conditions.
  • Plasma Quad Connect air filtration technology (on request) has been designed to integrate with a range of Mitsubishi Electric High Wall and Ducted units. This high-performance two- stage advanced air filtration module, cleans and minimises dust and other allergens for better indoor air quality, all year round.
  • Maximise comfort by combining an OmniCore Multi Room Heat Pump System with Lossnay Fresh Air Balanced Pressure Ventilation for a complete heating, cooling and ventilation solution. The two systems work together to further increase energy savings while also ventilating the home to remove stale air and help control moisture. The Lossnay system will recover the energy from stale air to pre-heat or pre-cool incoming fresh air, reducing the amount of additional heating or cooling required from the OmniCore system.


Units are supported by a 5-year warranty, including parts and labour.

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Mitsubishi Electric are leaders in providing energy efficient heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water heat pump solutions for both commercial buildings and residential homes.

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