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LGH-RVX Lossnay Fresh Air Energy Recovery Ventilation — Residential & Commercial

The Lossnay in-ceiling LGH-RVX range of balanced pressure energy recovery ventilation units draw fresh, filtered air in and draw stale air from internal spaces while retaining healthy indoor humidity levels. The LGH-RVX model is suitable for both commercial and residential buildings, as well as individual homes.

As an energy reclaim mechanical ventilation system, Lossnay LGH-RVX models are equipped with chemically treated paper core to recover sensible and latent heat from the outgoing stale air to pre-warm (or pre-cool) incoming fresh air. The LGH-RVX range allows buildings to maximise efficiencies whilst maintaining healthy CO2 and humidity levels for better indoor air quality.

Additional features include an integrated by-pass damper and easy interlock with Mitsubishi Electric Mr Slim and City Multi Ducted Air Conditioning Systems.

Available in 9 sizes 42 l/s, 69 l/s, 97 l/s, 139 l/s, 181 l/s, 222 l/s, 278 l/s, 417 l/s & 556 l/s (on highest fan setting).

Add Optional Lossnay Wi-Fi Control

The LGH-RVX-E-1 Series can be integrated with a Lossnay Wi‑Fi Control adapter for ease of control access via the Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control App, which makes operation available remotely too.

Advanced Lossnay Wi-Fi Control shows by how many degrees Lossnay is pre-warming or pre-cooling the incoming fresh air in real‑time. The App will also proactively remind you when it is time to clean your filters to maximise both cost efficient operation and health benefits.

Key Features
  • Chemically treated permeable paper core — suitable to recover sensible and latent heat
  • Cross flow type-based balanced energy recovery ventilation range
  • 4 speed variable airflow control with or without CO2 sensors
  • Heat exchange bypass and night purge function
  • Lightweight chassis
  • Exchangeable Spigot connections to suit complex site installs
  • Quiet operation from 17 dB (A) (Noise levels are based on a specific model (LGH-35RVX-E) at speed 1)
  • Easy periodic maintenance for core and filters using a vacuum cleaner
  • Supply and exhaust fan speed adjustment function
  • Weekly timer and BMS integration control options
  • Interlock with Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Air Conditioning Systems for optimised energy efficiency
  • Option to add Advanced Wi-Fi Control to control the unit remotely and make heat recovery visible
Scope of Use

A wide range of models allows makes the Lossnay LGH-RVX suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

  • Available in 9 sizes 42 l/s, 69 l/s, 97 l/s, 139 l/s, 181 l/s, 222 l/s, 278 l/s, 417 l/s & 556 l/s (on highest fan speed)

Typical applications include but are not limited to:

  • Hospitals & age care facilities
  • Educational facilities
  • Commercial spaces such as office, library and community halls
  • Residential sector which includes retirement homes, B&B, and private properties
Limitations on Use
  • Not suitable for wet areas as it does not feature a sensible core and plumbing connection. Please refer to the Lossnay LGH-RVS Sensible Heat Recovery range for wet area application or the Mitsubishi Electric range of ducted or inline exhaust fans.
  • Not suitable for vertical mounting. Units are required to be mounted horizontally in the ceiling.
  • Not suitable to be mounted outdoors or in wet/humid areas as IP rating is too low to handle moisture.
  • Not suitable for the unit to be placed in areas that are exposed to higher temperatures (40°C or higher), naked flames or in an environment with combustible fumes.
Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • Meets H1/VM3 ventilation system control requirements and exceeds the condition of minimum sensible heat transfer effectiveness of 60%
  • Units are designed to meet and comply with JIS B 8628 for thermal efficiency performance standard.
  • All Lossnay units hold an ESS supplier declaration of compliance, in accordance with regulation 101A of the electricity regulations 1997
  • Models are designed to meet and comply with G4 regulation and AS NZS 4303:1990*
    *Please note the appropriate model needs to be sized and selected by the Architect, Engineering Consultant or Designer of specific projects to further ensure it complies with relevant standards.
In-Service History

The Lossnay LGH-RVX models have been in Mitsubishi Electric’s New Zealand product portfolio since 1996, over the years the product has been used on multiple commercial and residential projects.

Project examples include:

  • Remarkables Primary School – Queenstown
  • Wellington Indoor Sports Centre — Wellington
  • Three35 Lincoln Road — Christchurch

See Lossnay commercial ventilation case studies.

Other Performance Attributes

High Temperature Exchange Efficiency and Enthalpy Exchange Efficiency

  • The equipped permeable cross flow type heat exchanger allows recovery up to 89.5% thermal efficiency and up to 87% enthalpy exchange efficiency. 
  • Thermal & Enthalpy efficiency is based on a specific model (LGH-100RVX-E) at speed 1, limited to winter conditions
    for heating application.

Variable Speed Control

  • Ability to operate between 4 different fan speeds or be interlocked with CO2 sensors for fan speed operation based on detected CO2 levels. Units can also have the speed controlled via BMS using 0-10V signal from the BMS.

Further Energy Savings Possible by Interlocking With Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Air Conditioning System

  • The Lossnay LGH-RVX models can be interlocked with Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Air Conditioning to provide optimised heating, cooling and ventilation system performance.

Weekly Timer and Scheduler

  • The operation pattern for each day of the week, on/off and air volume can be set using the weekly timer

Bypass and Night Purge Function

  • When indoor temperatures are hotter than desired the LGH-RVX Lossnay unit can intelligently bypass the
    heat exchanger and bring in colder fresh, filtered air without recovering heat energy (only when outdoor
    temperatures are colder than the indoor air).

Low Noise Operation

  • Specialised sirocco impellers by Mitsubishi Electric offer quiet operation from as low as 17 dB(A) 
  • Noise levels are based on a specific model (LGH-35RVX-E) at speed 1.
  • This unique fan balances airflow and static pressure to minimise noise levels.


Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control Compatibility

  • The units can be integrated to a LAN module for ease of control access via the Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control App, which makes operation available remotely too.


Warranty and Maintenance

  • 5 year parts and labour warranty
  • The units are expected to be serviced regularly as per the maintenance cycle
  • Following are the recommended frequency only as they differ based on usage and outdoor conditions:
    • Lossnay Core — once per 2 years or 6000 hours
    • Filters — once a year or 3000 hours.
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Mitsubishi Electric are leaders in providing energy efficient heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water heat pump solutions for both commercial buildings and residential homes.

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